Where to Find Bolt Cutters in Stranger Things 3: The Game

Bolt Cutters are important in Stranger Things 3: The Game because they are directly related to gaining access to locked areas. Here is how you acquire Bolt Cutters and cut down the chains on the locked doors throughout the game.

Stranger Things 3: The Game Bolt Cutters Locations

Throughout the game, you will encounter several locked doors.

Interacting with these doors will give you a prompt saying that you need Bolt Cutters to open the locked door. But where do you find them? Do they belong to someone? Well, we will cover all about Bolt Cutters in this Stranger Things 3: The Game Guide.

Do not stress yourself if you do not manage to find the Bolt Cutters because they cannot be found. Bolt Cutters are an item wielded by Joyce who is a playable character.

She can join your party after the third chapter of the game but there some conditions that must be met. You will be assigned a mission to head to Melvald’s and interact with Joyce which will enable her to join your party.

After she joins your party, just head to any locked door and interact with it. You will change character with Joyce and you will have to complete a puzzle which will open the lock.

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