How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor in Stranger of Paradise

In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, there are many armors and weapons that you will find as you progress through the story. This guide will explain how to upgrade weapons and armor and how to dismantle them in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

In Stranger of Paradise, the armor and weapons you will find will have a rating ranging from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest available gear and 1 being the lowest. If you receive a gear piece between 1-4 star range, it can also be upgraded.

Upgrading 1-3 star items is simple. First, head to the Cornelia tab from the main menu and choose the Smithy->Upgrade Special Effect option.

From the Smithy menu, you will be able to view the gear you have available in your inventory.

Choose the gear item you want to upgrade, and then choose the desired equipment effect you want to be upgraded.

Upgrading gear will require different types of materials. Materials can be obtained by looting in the open world and dismantling gear.

How to Upgrade to 5-star Weapons and Armor

Upgrading up to 4-star weapons is simple enough if you have the required materials. However, to upgrade your weapons and armor to 5-star, you will need Smith’s Hammer 1. This hammer is a reward for completing the ‘Indigo Memories: The Damned’ side quest.

In this side quest, your objective will be to take down three Tonberries enemies in Refrin Wetlands. Once you obtain this hammer, you will be able to upgrade items to a 5-star level.

How to Dismantle Weapons and Armor in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

To dismantle gear in Stranger of Paradise, head to the main menu and then Cornelia tab. From there, choose the Smithy->Dismantle option. Then, you can choose the item you want to dismantle from the dismantle menu.

It will show the materials you will obtain from dismantling the chosen weapon. Once you confirm the dismantling, you will get the materials in your inventory.

How to Change Equipment Effects

In Stranger of Paradise, weapons and armor have special effects, which provide a special kind of buff. Of course, these effects can also be changed. But just like to upgrade to 5-star weapons, you will need another Smithy Hammer.

This hammer can be obtained by completing ‘Indigo Memories: The Trapped’ side quest, in which you will have to take down another three Tonberries enemies, this time in Mount. Gulg area. Once obtained, you will be able to change up the equipment effects from the Smithy menu.

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