How to Use Soul Shield in Stranger of Paradise

Soul Shield is an essential defensive tool in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins. With its amazing deflecting abilities, you can stop a wide variety of attacks. In this guide we will talk about how to use the Soul Shield in the most effective way and gain instant abilities in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins.

How to Use Soul Shield in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

The Soul Shield is a mechanic in Stranger of Paradise that helps you in blocking or parrying various attacks. This mechanic also simultaneously gains MP to use up your abilities.

In order to use the Soul Shield, you hold on to the B/Circle or tap the Soul Shield button to defend yourself from attacks. This is especially useful against fast-paced enemies.

Soul Shield increases your max MP and restores it, so it is a great tool to keep your MP high. This helps you to set up your abilities and spells.

Drawbacks of Soul Shield

Remember that there are some exceptions while using The Soul Shield. Jack blocks all incoming attacks except for the unblockable attacks which are identified by a red aura. Moreover, by using this tool your Break Gauge also depletes drastically.

So, if you overuse the Soul Shield or use it against multi hit attacks, you’ll lose your break gauge and become vulnerable to hard hitting attacks.

Follow-Up Attack

The Soul Shield can act as a functional parry by giving Jack a Lunge counterattack after absorbing an attack.

This is a great defensive technique that also has impressive range. However, this is best used on enemies that are reasonably close. For far-away enemies, the lunge will miss and so for those guys, we look to instant abilities.

Instant Abilities

Not only does The Soul Shield help you in gaining MP but it also helps you in gaining temporary Instant Abilities. These abilities can be used during combat.

The type of ability that you gain depends on what you deflect. Most Purple-named Ranged attacks can be absorbed and then give you an instant ability to throw out.

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