Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Channels “Tension” & “Emotions” Of The Toughest Final Fantasy Dungeons

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has been designed to deliver the same fiery combat of its classic predecessors but in a real-time action-focused setting.

Speaking with Play Australia magazine for the latest issue, co-producer Fumihiko Yasuda pointed out that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was an opportunity to explore elements which would otherwise be challenging (or nearly impossible) to do in a mainline Final Fantasy game.

Yasuda recalled how “there are lots of strong boss characters and tough dungeons” in the Final Fantasy franchise, and the frame of mind which players gain for having to face those iconic bosses or dungeons again and again. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin aims to deliver the same experience but in real-time action-packed combat.

“We wanted to take that tension you feel when taking them on and the sense of achievement when you complete the dungeon or defeat the boss and channel those emotions into an action game,” he said.

Yasuda also pointed out how Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin shares a lot of similarities with Nioh 2 when it comes to combat. Both feature intricate levels with shortcuts which players can open between checkpoints to spawn roaming enemies. They however drop better loot in Final Fantasy Origin in comparison to help players improve their characters quicker.

In addition, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin features deep combat mechanics. Square Enix has placed a large focus on parries, stealing enemy attacks and job skills for fast-paced combat where aggressive play will have its rewards.

Last month, director Daisuke Inoue stated that games like Nioh, Ninja Gaiden, Dark Souls, and Onimusha were taken as examples β€œto make it easier for the development team to share in the same vision.”

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin retells the story of the original Final Fantasy but in an alternate way, as in telling how the antagonist in the Final Fantasy franchise Garland came about. The game comes out for both current- and previous-generation consoles and PC on March 18, 2022.

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