Developers Of Strange Brigade Have No Intentions To Shift Towards Games As A Service Model

The widely popular Sniper Elite series developers, Rebellion Developments, gave fans the chance to check out their new co-op, a third-person game in development, Strange Brigade. While the game is playable in single-player mode, it has been built up in a co-op perspective.

In a chat with the CEO of Rebellion Jason Kingsley, we came to know that the studio has no intentions of shifting towards, games as a service model.

Kingsley said,

“I’m a strong believer in the traditional style of game – here’s a game, you pay the price, you get the game. There’s DLC, expansion content – that kind of stuff – but that’s it. One of the problems I have as a games player – and I’m still a games player, I play a lot – is I’ve got limited time. So to kind of ‘git gud’, as people shout at me across the internet when I’m rubbish at the latest multiplayer game… I haven’t got time to get good.”

Kingsley added that he is found of the traditional model used in the video games rather than this new, games as a service model.

That said since Rebellion Development is a completely independent studio, that has complete autonomy to pick its own ideas and turn them into reality, they themselves do the coding, the artwork, the sound in its own in-house studio, cast actors of their own choice and more. So it only seems plausible that they have the power to keep their uniqueness intact, by sticking to the traditional model rather than the games as a service model.

Kingsley talking about the studio said that,

“We’re privately owned, we don’t have any venture capitalists behind us, we don’t have any public shareholders who want to see a return on their investment – basically, my brother and I funded Strange Brigade.”

Keeping all that into context, it seems pretty clear that Rebellion Development has clear aim to develop games and that apparently does not include games as a service model.

Having said that, what are your thoughts on this stance by the Sniper Elite developers? Let us know in the comments below.