The Story of Evolve Has Much More Than Just Man vs. Monster Skirmishes

Evolve - Val
Evolve has really impressed many of us, but apart from being a competitive multiplayer it made me wonder what storyline would be there. Luckily, the question was answered by Turtle Rock Studios themselves recently.

Turtle Rock Studios founder and design director Chris Ashton was interviewed recently where he delved into quite a lot of different areas regarding their upcoming co-op gameplay focused Evolve.

At one point he was asked how the Online Only approach would deal with the narrative of the game and how they are weaving the back story with the competitive gameplay. He elaborately explained that we should wait for more content to come out as so far all they have shared from the game’s world are direct skirmishes.

He said that there will be a reason why the monster is keen on putting you down and why you are there. Also, the characters will be telling part of the story themselves. He said:

That stuff’s there to tell it through the characters, and there’s some little-longer experiences that we haven’t really talked much about yet, where we have the opportunity to do a little bit more. Hopefully we’ll be able to dive in soon, but at a minimum no matter what more – if you’re just playing a skirmish or Hunt all day on different maps – you’re going to still learn about the characters, the setting, why you’re there, why the monsters are trying to destroy objectives.

What could be the experiences that the developer is still keeping veiled in the world of Evolve? Any guesses?

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