Stories: Path of Destinies Scrolls Locations Guide

Can’t get enough of the world of Stories: The Path of Destinies? Maybe you need to find some Hidden Scrolls that will add to the lore of the game. Our Stories: Path of Destinies Scrolls Guide will help you uncover the locations of these and get a much better understanding of the story of it all.

Stories: Path of Destinies Scrolls Locations

In Stories: The Path of Destinies, there are some scrolls/parchments hidden throughout the world. Each island will hold a unique piece written by Emperor Isengrim III. Though they may not be so rewarding, these collectibles will provide valuable story points prior to the game’s event as well as some hints for future events. Below are locations for these 9 Stories: Path of Destinies Scrolls:

Abandoned Village
Make your way to the graveyard, after which you need to proceed left of the altar. Coming across the void gate, open it to find the scroll lying near a chest.

Castle, Armature
You can choose to follow two different paths to grab this scroll. The first way is to enter the void gate that you’ll come across to the right of the Gobblers Area. Entering the room, you will need to fight off some Ravens and take a platform.

This platform will help you ascend and reach the scroll.

The other way would be to not enter the void gate and instead keep moving forward and enter through the Gate of Heroes. Battle out Ravens and proceed right to walk along a bridge. After this, head to the path that leads to the scroll.


Temple, Iblis Stone
This scroll can be accessed when you encounter the Ravens for the second time in battle. Enter the room nearby and through the Ice Gate. The scroll will be lying on the second balcony from where you can see the desert.

City in Flames
After descending to a lower level of the city via the elevator, you’ll come across two branching paths. If you see them blocked by rubble, don’t worry and come back after a while. No matter which path you take from these, both will eventually converge.

Sneak past the Gobblers in these paths, and then proceed to take the stairs down. Here, tackle the Ravens before you can enter the Void Gate behind them to gain access to the scroll.

Forest, Core
From the well, keep moving forward until you come across an Ice Gate behind a chest. Entering through the gate, take the stairs down and find the scroll next to the workbench.

This particular scroll can only be collected during the objective ‘Meeting the Scientists’ in the Observatory. When the objective starts, take the floating platform and move north.

Turn left from the stairs and then continue north past the posts with the help of your hook shot. Proceed towards the Ice Gate and then towards a different floating platform. Battle out the Ravens and follow two more posts to reach the scroll.

Towards the end of this chapter, you’ll come across some Ravens near a staircase. After eliminating them, you can head left of the stairs and ride a floating platform. This will help you ascend the mountains where you need to take the stairs to come across some posts.

Latch onto subsequent posts to reach the Ice Gate to the north. Enter the room and take the floating platform up to the scrolls.

Rebel Base
After reaching the midpoint of the chapter, you will come across an altar in a large hall. Proceed west of this altar and battle out Ravens in the path. Then take the floating platform near the library until you have to fight some more Ravens.

Finally, latch onto the two posts you will come across to find the scroll on the left.

Imperial Fleet
In the early parts of this chapter, enter the portal and take out any Ravens that you may encounter. After doing so, take the Flaming Portal to reach the fleet. Ride the floating platform up and use your hook shot to latch onto a ship to the southeast.

Find a portal nearby and enter it to take down some more Ravens.

After this, you’ll come across yet another portal next to a Void Gate. This time, you need to proceed through the Void Gate and enter the portal you come across to reach and collect the last piece of scroll.

This is all we’ve in our Stories: Path of Destinies Scrolls Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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