Stoneshard Beginner’s Tips

You can’t just wander into Aldor without some precaution as it is a very dangerous place that is full of enemies out to kill you. We’ve prepared these handy little Stoneshard Beginners tips filled with some information that you may find useful.

Stoneshard Beginner’s Tips

Newcomers to Stoneshard should know that the game allows you to choose different playstyles so they can strategize as they will. This leads to a lot of interesting build diversity and combat scenarios.

However, Stoneshard is much more than just fighting monsters and below we have explained many game mechanics that you need to be mindful of.

Stay Stocked Up
You’re going to be encountering a lot of dangerous opponents so you should try to make sure that you’re well prepared beforehand.

If you’re in town, you should stock up on food and medical supplies as well as refill your waterskin from a well.

Check the map often when in the middle of a contract in order to figure out the fastest and safest routes. Finally; remember to save your game by sleeping before any adventure.

Inventory Management
As previously mentioned, you must keep some food and medical supplies with you but be warned that collecting items takes up your inventory.

You will probably have to collect some stuff along your adventures so be sure to stash any items you don’t need at the inn.

Plan Ahead During Combat
In Stoneshard, you engage in turn-based combat with your opponents. This means that you need to pre-plan your next move and before attacking.

When you’re in combat, your opponent will always attack after your turn. Every attack takes a turn so you need to choose your strategy.

Luckily you have variety of ways through which you can approach with your attacks.

Each class shows proficiency with a certain weapon type, with certain spells and abilities. Pick the one you excel at and then hit your opponent with everything you’ve got.

However before you do so, be sure to right-click your foe in order to ensure that you know the full range of their capabilities. This is especially helpful to do during boss fights.

When you have a moment to breathe out of combat, you can rest to heal yourself and move across your desired number of tiles in a single go.

You can also apply splints to a limb you’ve injured or use a healing salve. However, these options also take up a turn.

So the most basic thing to remember when engaging in combat is to plan your strategy ahead of your opponent’s turn while taking breaks to rest and recover.

Dungeon Crawling
When you’re making way through dungeons, you’ll want to make use of the Detect Traps skill. This helps you avoid falling into the contraptions that you will encounter there.

Also be sure to monitor your statuses and injuries if you’ve sustained any.