Stoneshard Ascended Archon Boss Guide

Archon is the first boss that the players will face in Stoneshard. During the tutorial, the Archon marks a massive spike in difficulty. However, no need to fear as our Stoneshard Ascended Archon Boss Guide is here to help.

Stoneshard Ascended Archon Boss

The boss is the one thing standing between players experiencing the full game as you cannot progress past the prologue without defeating it first.

The Archon has some powerful attacks and abilities. After taking damage, he will turn into Ascended Archon.

Recommended gear and abilities
Ascended Archon is very powerful and will be resistant to a large number of attacks. As this is the beginning of the game, you will only have limited items at your disposal.

The following abilities and gear is recommended for this fight.

  • Fire Barrage Spell
  • Stone Armor
  • Petrification
  • Greatsword

Melee weapons are preferred for this fight.

How to beat the Archon and Ascended Archon
There are two stages to this fight, the first is against the Archon and the second is against the Ascended Archon. First, we will describe the Archon fight.

In this stage, the fight is actually against the two statues on either side of the Archon and some zombies. The left statue has these abilities:

  • Blood Puddle – Marks an area and on the next turn, pours a puddle of boiling blood on it. The puddle lasts for 2 turns. This is a move for the left statue
  • Blood Clot – Launches a clot of blood at the target. This is a move for the left statue.

The right statue has these abilities:

  • Summon Zombie – Reanimates one of the bodies in the corpse pile. This is a move for the right statue.
  • Unholy Ritual – Replenishes 50% of Max Health to all zombies and grants them +50% damage. This is a move for the right statue.

Focus on the left statue first as it poses more dangerous attacks. While moving, avoid the tiles under the affect of the Blood Puddle attack.

Try and get close and attack the statue. During the fight, zombies will move close to you. . As zombies get closer, move away to allow yourself more room to fight.

When the first statue is destroyed, start attacking the next one. This should be easier, especially if the zombies are summoned on the opposite side of the room.

With both statues defeated, the Archon will shove the Stoneshard into his head and transform into the Ascended Archon.

This fight will become very difficult. It deals a lot of damage and it will be very fast. It will also be able to heal huge chunks of health. Ascended Archon has the following abilities:

  • Bestial Charge – Charges forward in a 5 tile line. The first target in its path takes 666% damage. If it collides with an obstacle, it will be stunned for 2 turns.
  • Swipe – Performs a strike across three adjacent tiles with 100% knockback chance.
  • Jump Away – Jumps back 2 tiles or less, gains +66% dodge chance and -33% damage taken for the next turn.
  • Corpse Devourment – Devours a corpse, replenishing 33% Max Health and 33% Max Energy.
  • Phantom Bats – Marks an area and on the next turn releases a swarm of spectral bats at it, dealing 26 Unholy Damage and applying Curse for 13 turns.

To defeat him, avoid getting hit by its abilities at all cost. Try and bait him into its charge attack so that it falls into the scenery.

It will allow you to get some quick hits in. Always be ready to dodge the Phantom Bats attack as it does an outrageous amount of damage.

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