Stoic Studios Finally Shows A Banner Saga 3 Release Date: July 24

Stoic Studios has finally unveiled a Banner Saga 3 release date, and according to the newest trailer, the last of the Banner Saga’s games will be releasing on July 24 for the PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The game also has pre-order rewards if you want to buy it early.

The Banner Saga tells the tale of a world in its last days, as a darkness spreads across the land, driving the sinister race known as the dredge ahead of it and once again sparking war between humans, the horned giants known as the varl, and the dredge.

Players have followed the tales of various caravans across vast landscapes as we learn more and more about what’s happening, but it’s likely that The Banner Saga 3 will finally give us all the details that we need in order to wrap up the whole story.

Players that buy the game before the Banner Saga 3 release date actually hits in late July will be given the Dredge Ally Pack, which will net you a new character in the form of a dredge named Kivi, a dredge Stoneguard (the kind with the huge shields) who comes with exclusive heraldry, his own trinket that grants him a special ability, and a special title for him. Along with Kivi and all his gear, a special musical track by Austin Wintory will also be included.

It’s been a long journey for Stoic Studios, both within the story of The Banner Saga (which has inspired a number of similar games with hand-drawn characters and sprawling stories that rely on narrative choice) and for developing the game, a time frame that players can sympathize with.

Either way, if you’ve followed the journey this far, be on the lookout for when the game releases on July 24 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.