STFU, Super Time Force Ultra On Steam August 25, Soundtrack Online

Developer Capybara Games has announced that Super Time Force will finally head out of its console zone and onto Steam on August 25, 2014. Since it will add some new content, it will be rebranded as Super Time Force Ultra, which abbreviates into STFU; clever.

Super Time Force Ultra is a run and gun platform title with time manipulation mechanisms. Players can control a character with their own set of skills and blast their way through a hectic scenery of traps, enemies and platforms.

If they get hit and die, it’s possible to rewind time to a period where that character lived, to continue with an alternate reality and another hero. Should the new soldier be able to take out the threat before it was able to kill the initial character, that first soldier is saved and added back to the roster of choices.

It works a little like Broforce, but with a Braid backtracking twist. Additionally, the game follows a similar pixel art style and fast pace as its bro peers.

For Super Time Force Ultra, Capy Games has added 50 challenge levels, three new characters and an ultra force. These ultra alternatives to the existing roster of characters will be more powerful, but less available in stock and will unlock after you complete the game.

Moreover, Super Time Force Ultra has released its soundtrack online. You can listen to a staggering 53 tracks on Bandcamp.

Aside from Super Time Force Ultra, Capy Games is also working on a minimal explorative adventure, called Below. It’s been periodically highlighted during Xbox conferences.

Originally, Super Time Force was noted as an Xbox exclusive as well. Given that thought, it’s nice to see Super Time Force Ultra drop on PC so soon, since the original dates back to May.

Source: Joystiq.

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