Steep Is Still Coming For Nintendo Switch, Ubisoft Assures

It has been a while since Ubisoft confirmed Steep for Nintendo Switch, however, since then the studio has shared very little about the Switch port of the game. This made many wonder, especially after the reports that Ubisoft is facing difficulties while porting the game, that Steep would not come to Switch but, Ubisoft has assured that it will.

Ubisoft assured fans in a recent Twitter Post that Steep is still in the optimization phase and currently the game isn’t running at a stable frame rate on Nintendo Switch and that is why the game can’t be released in current state but, it is still coming.

No, it’s still in the phase of optimisation. The framerate plays “yo-yo” so [it’s] impossible to get it out in the current state, but the game is not [dead].

However, Steep will not be the only third-party title coming to Switch as FIFA 18, WWE 2K18 and more are coming to the hybrid console and the list might also include Final Fantasy XV. Game Director, Hajime Tabata hinted that Final Fantasy XV could come to Switch during the Gamescom 2017 live stream.

Tabata didn’t mention Nintendo Switch by name but, hinted towards it by saying that they might be bringing Final Fantasy XV to a console whose name is very similar to Twitch.

Also, FIFA 18’s resolution and FPS for Switch have been confirmed for both docked and the handheld mode. FIFA 18 resolution and FPS will run at 1080/60 FPS on Nintendo Switch while docked, the game will run at 720/60 FPS in the handheld mode.

Also, EA has confirmed that the Switch version of FIFA 18 will not include the single player campaign and also will not be developed on Frostbite Engine.

FIFA 18 is a sports game in development at EA and will launch on September 29, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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