Steelrising Best PC Settings

Damn this inflation! Steelrising has been released to scratch that itch of every Souls fan, especially the ones who are finished with Elden Ring. However, if you are packing an aging PC with old hardware, the game might not run as pretty or smooth as you would like.

The number of frames you get in Steelrising can impact your counterattack timing. Hence, it reasons that you need to either upgrade your PC or tinker with the in-game settings to get as many frames per second as possible. The following guide will help you with the latter, cheaper alternative.

Best PC settings for maximum FPS

Note that the minimum and recommended graphics card requirement for Steelrising is an Nvidia RTX 2060 and an RTX 2070 respectively. However, you can still ensure good performance on an older graphics card by tweaking the in-game settings a little bit.

Video settings

  • Display mode: Full screen
  • Resolution: Set it to whatever your display/monitor supports by default.
  • Vsync: Disable this if you do not have a good enough graphics card.
  • Field of view: Set it to at least 1 or more to catch any enemies sneaking up from your sides.
  • Graphics quality preset: Set it to low to ensure maximum frames per second. Low graphics quality requires around 5341 VRAM.

Advanced video settings

Setting the graphics quality preset to low will turn down everything in the game to the bare minimum. The visuals will hence be pretty pixelated and jagged. The following custom video settings form a balance between visual prowess and performance boost.

  • Graphics Quality: Custom
  • Upscaling: Basic
  • Resolution Scale: 100. If you want to squeeze more performance, you can decrease this according to your needs.
  • Model Details: Medium
  • Foliage Animation: Disabled
  • Texture details: Medium
  • Anisotropy: Disabled
  • Shadows resolution: Medium
  • Shadows range: Medium
  • Indirect Illumination: Full
  • SSAO: High
  • Reflections: High (SSR)
  • Raytracing: Disabled.
  • Refraction: Full
  • Particles: Low
  • Terrain displacement: Disabled

How to toggle Assist mode in Steelrising

The difficulty ceiling of Souls-like games tends to ward off newcomers or players who want to play to relax. To address that concern, Steelrising has an Assist mode which players can use to tweak some of the settings for an easier playthrough.

You will be prompted about enabling the Assist mode when starting a new game. You can also toggle the Assist mode later at any point of the game by heading into the Game options inside the Settings.


There are four systems of the game that you can change through the Assist mode:

  • Damage reduction (reduces damage enemy can do to you)
  • Retaining Anima Essence on death (you will not lose Anima Essence upon death)
  • Endurance regeneration speed (your stamina regenerates at a faster speed)
  • Easy cooling system (your cooldowns are either reduced or finished)

Should I enable Assist Mode?

The Assist mode was specifically designed for players who are looking for a more casual experience with Steelrising.

Do note that according to Souls fans and veterans, Steelrising is actually not that hard to play and beat. Its bosses are also pretty easy to defeat, especially once you master some of the in-game systems like dodging and counterattacking.

That being said, if you are finding Steelrising too difficult or challenging, do not shy away from enabling the Assist mode.

If you feel that the mode dumbs down the game too much, tweak some of the Assist mode settings to raise the difficulty level.

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