Steel Division: Normandy 44 Tips, Map Tactics and Strategy Guide

Steel Division: Normandy 44 Tips, Map Tactics and Strategy Guide will help you with the useful tactics in the game and the Divisions that you can play with. There are a lot of divisions in Steel Division: Normandy 44 with each having its own strength and weaknesses and there are also some tactics required for you to consider in order to ensure victory.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a real-time strategy War game which is development at Eugen Systems. The game is currently in beta and the following Tactics and strategies are according to the beta these might get changed in the future in the game’s final release.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 Tips, Map Tactics and Strategy

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a real-time strategy game so basically players are required to come up with a strategy to ensure their victory in the end. However, being a strategy game and a real-time one at that, making a strategy in the game is not an easy task and this guide will help you through this process so that you may be victorious.


Having tactical knowledge of the game mechanics and the map will help you a lot during your play time as using this knowledge you will be able to overcome opposing odds.

Armored pushes are slow
Armored vehicles in Steel Division: Normandy 44 are extremely slow even on the paved roads. Meaning big armored pushes are almost impossible to move ahead. In order to push them, take a single bocage at a time and use leapfrog tactics. Setup your tanks on the side of an open field as they will cover your infantry/artillery/AT as they move across the field to set up in the next closest bocage.

Always Maintain a Front Line composed of Infantry and AT Units
Steel Division: Normandy 44 is all about having a constant presence at the front to show the enemy your military might. The bocages of trees could be unbreachable walls if you have manned them properly. However, there are openings that pass between Bocages, so try to keep a tank behind the Bocage and aim it at the opening.

Play the game like its Chess
Steel Division: Normandy 44 is like a game of chess as you will have to be prepared to see what you will need ahead in the game rather than what you need now as reinforcements do not arrive on time they take time to reach your position.

Armored Vehicles are easy to Counter
Armored vehicles are not as strong as one may think. The bocages give you the highest level of cover but they can’t be traversed by armor/vehicles only infantry and artillery units are able to do that.

Have one Recon Unit at all times with any Unit
Many of you might be tempted to let go of the Recon unit late in the game but, you should have at least one Recon Unit at all times.

Don’t Rush the Air Assault
Don’t try to rush your air assault at the enemy’s main concentration of strength with multiple bombers. A there will also be a greater concentration of AA and you will lose more points then you will get. AA guns are not designed to destroy the planes outright but to scare the pilots and make them retreat.

The best use of planes will be when the enemy is weak and are best used to target enemy reinforcements. Send your planes deep in the enemy lines late game where their AA will be the least concentrated.


Battlegroups are an important part of Steel Division: Normandy 44 as every battlegroup has its strengths and weaknesses and will discuss all of them so you can decide which battlegroup is suitable for your playstyle.

91.Luftlande Division
This division might not be well equipped compared to others but, what they lack in quality and make up for it in numbers. Positioning the Grenadiers and Fallschirmjagers in towns and hedgerows along the roads and they will make sure that any allied armor gets too close does not pass.

The bomber support in this division can be used to wipe out infantry positioned in forests and towns to allow your infantry to move up with little resistance.

12.SS Hitlerjugend Panzer Division
This division is a heavy armored force with a large amount of mechanised support and infantry units. This division is very mobile and responds quickly to situations. This is an elite unit made up of some of the mightiest German war machines.

Almost, every unit in this division is mechanised on half-tracks and can provide covering fire against enemy infantry and light vehicles. The heavy armored vehicles and mobile artillery support will make sure that enemies’ units are annihilated.

8. SS Panzerdivision Florian Geyer
What this Battlegroup in Steel Division: Normandy 44 lacks in quantity it makes up for in Quality. This battlegroup uses a combination of probing attacks and mechanised units to exploit enemy weaknesses. This division is quick to deploy and is very useful.

25. SS HJ Panzergrenadier Regiment
This division is composed of numerous medium tanks which can be used to grind the Allies to death. While these tanks are not able to take direct fire from Allies’ heavier armor units, mobile Jadgpanzer units can strike death into the enemy and retreat back into the treeline just as quickly. The mechanised can respond quickly to threats and fortify your defence.

17. SS Panzergrenadier Division Götz von Berlichingen
This is a heavy infantry division that is backed up by extremely effective tank destroyers and rapidly deployable artillery support. This division has some immensely powerful units that can reach out and score kill after kill. However, to do this consistently you are required to do micromanaging of the division’s infantry and artillery units to put continuous pressure on the enemy.

Smoke grenades can blanket the battlefield to allow the infantry to push from bocage to bocage. The major strength of this division is in Nebelwerfers that can rapidly fire a deadly salvo of rockets at enemy units. The anti-tank Stumgeschuetz units will serve as mobile anti-tank platforms.

Know The Battlefield

Knowing the battlefield in Steel Division: Normandy 44 is of the utmost importance. Here we will discuss the important things that you need to look for on the map that will either prove to be helpful or may cause you to lose a battle.

In Steel Division: Normandy 44 the Infantry serves as a means of holding towns and destroy the armored vehicles that stray too close to the town and it is also very important to win the war. The main limitation of Infantry is their speed as they don’t move fast, so be prepared ahead of time.

However, Infantry is the only all-terrain unit. While the tanks have to drive around the tree lines and hedgerows, Infantry will simply go through it and can also be concealed in them. It is important to have Infantry unit even if you are an Armored Division.

Recon unit is one of the most valuable units that players might ignore in late-game. The recon vehicles are sub-par compared to infantry these vehicles are hard to cover up or hide. The infantry units can cover both sides of the trees but Recon vehicles and only cover one side.

However, these vehicles are strong when used in conjunction with other tanks in a strong push, and this might be the only scenario where these vehicles will be useful. Also, it is quite easy to go through a lot of recon units as they get jumped from an angle you couldn’t see so make sure to bring plenty.

Just about any unit in the game is slow and gets even slower off-road. However, controlling the roads can win you the game. Setting up deployed guns with recon along long stretches of road can shut it down and eliminate a surprising amount of enemies.

When calling new Troops, pay attention to the distance at which you want them from the main road they are likely to use as vehicles will lose ~80% of their speed when they leave the road.

Deployed Guns
Deployed guns are important in the battle, these gun include mortars, AT guns and AA guns. These guns arrive on the battlefield through transport and are hauled into the position of your choosing. To use them you need to first deploy them.

Mortars provide indirect fire on the enemy position, however, the range is the main issue with this gun as it only has a range of 900m. So you are gonna have to deploy them close to enemy positions and they also require defending.

AT guns are used for long range attacks and some of the AT guns have HE capability. It would be recommended to deploy this gun at a good vantage point like in a hedgerow looking out of wide open fields or at the end of a long stretch of road.

AA Guns works differently, while the main purpose of these guns to engage enemy planes but, in the game, they can also damage ground targets. AA weapons can be used to devastating effect against infantry thanks to their high HE.

Also, you won’t need them to be deployed close to the enemy lines as the maps are not that big and planes can be engaged quite easily.

You will find Hedgerows through the maps and they are quite useful as they can be used for covering up units from enemies. However, there are varieties of Hedgerows in Steel Division: Normandy 44 that cane be used for different purposes, these include Tree Lines, Hedges and Orchards.

Tree lines prevent any line of sight through them and vehicles Can not move through them. So plan your tank deployment carefully as you might be deploying your tanks somewhere irrelevant and will take a while for them to come into action.

Tanks are useless behind the tree lines as they can’t see anything to shoot at through them. However, these Tree Lines allow infantry to creep up real close, and then insta-kill tanks with panzerschrecks or PIATs.

Hedges are smaller rows of what look like tiny trees and things can be seen through them. They also provide cover for infantry and allow infantry and deployed guns to conceal within them. Hedges also provide concealment for vehicles.

Orchards are fields of tiny trees and can only be seen through up to a certain depth and only provide light cover for infantry. Do take them into account while deploying the static gun.

LoS Tool
When holding down C button you will get an overlay centred on your cursor’s position that shows the Line of Sight from that point. LoS Tool is very useful for setting up static positions and it also familiarises you with the map layout.

Another useful feature of this Tool is that it will snap onto whatever unit you are hovering over, even if it moves a little, provided you hold down the key.

That is all for our Steel Division: Normandy 44 Tips, Map Tactics and Strategy Guide with tips on which Division to use based on your play styles and more.

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