Steam Video Section Closing As Valve Shifts Focus Back To PC Gaming

Valve has apparently decided that its gaming platform needs to just be for games again, and is closing down the Steam video section. The closing will be coming after around five years of selling movies, and will be the result of Valve apparently deciding that they’re returning their focus to games.

There are a wide variety of different movies that have previously been available on Steam, ranging from free documentaries related to video games, to fully-fledged movies. These include things like Apocalypse Now: Redux, the Mad Max movies, The Hunger Games, and more.

Despite the wide selection of movies, however, the inclusion of them on in a Steam video section has always been rather controversial among users, who believe that as a platform originally created to sell games, Steam should stay focused on games. The decision to get rid of movies came as the result of a survey that conveyed the same viewpoint.

While previously-viewed content will remain as part of libraries for those players that have previously purchased movies, in the future videos are expected to be discovered by users through the associated page on Steam, user tags, reviews, and more. The coming weeks will see a number of various movies removed from the store and be no longer available for purchase.

Other big players in the gaming market have their own video sections in their stores, such as the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Since those are played on TVs, and were intended to be multimedia anyway, there was likely less of a kerfuffle, especially when you could often see movies on those before they came out on DVD.

Hopefully Steam will keep sticking to video games now that the Steam video section is closing down, rather than trying to turn into the next Xbox Live or Playstation Store.