Steam Library Beta Gives Trading Cards Hover Animation

The ongoing Steam Library beta graciously remembered to give trading cards a simple, yet effective, feature to increase their sense of worth.

They now have a snappy hover animation that you can play around with. This goes for both the trading cards that you already have and the ones left to be collected. Just place your mouse cursor on them to show a preview and then drag to the edges to move around in a false three dimensional space.

The hover animation for trading cards is pretty snazzy from r/Steam

You can also click on the trading cards to show their full splash art. You would be surprised to know how many of these are really cropped versions. Thanks to the Steam Library beta, you can now not only appreciate the beautiful art but also use them as a wallpaper for your desktop system. Just take note that if you’re using the client, you’ll need a third-party application to save the image as a wallpaper.

The hover animation might seem like a minor feature but in all honesty, we all stopped caring about trading cards a long time ago. The only point of collecting them is to earn a completion badge but mostly, it’s about the experience points gained from crafting that levels up your profile. The hover animation is minor, yes, but it opens up new possibilities for Valve to explore in the future.

The Steam Library beta, once officially live, might be updated to show different hover animations for different level of badges for example. The rarer trading cards might receive some special treatment as well. All of this will naturally be tied to the marketplace and in turn, be used as a monetization feature. The idea isn’t far-fetched when considering that many users just buy their trading cards from the marketplace instead of actually trading.

While not part of the Steam Library beta, Valve sneaked in a little feature this week that users have begun noticing. Reviews now show the number of hours played by the reviewer at the time of writing the review. This is a significant addition to Steam that will make it easier for users to separate legitimate postings. Someone who has marked a game as “not recommended” after playing only an hour or two says volumes about the worth of their review.

You should try out the Steam Library beta if you haven’t already. It’s open for everyone. You just have to sign-in through your account, head into settings, and opt into the program to receive the update. If that sounds complicated, just head here and Valve will guide you.

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