Steam Client Is Reportedly Getting A Major UI Update, Beta Will Be Available Next Month

There is no denying that when it comes to games availability, functionality, support, community, and more, Valve’s Steam is way ahead of its competition. It is considered one of the best game distribution platforms currently in the video games industry. With Steam’s User Interface (UI) remaining more or less the same for the past decade, it seems the Steam client is about to get a major design update in the coming months.

There have been a lot of rumors regarding changes being made to Steam due to the competition from other platforms such as Origin and Epic Games. Earlier this year, Steam revealed that users will be getting their hands on an updated library system, improved events system, better game discoverability feature, new Steam Chat mobile app, Steam Trust, Steam PC Cafe Program, and more in the upcoming Steam client update.

And now, thanks to a leak from SteamDB/Twitter we know have an idea of what the updated Steam client interface will be like as well as some of the features that will be coming along with it in August 2019.

Right off the bat, it seems that the Stream Launcher now has vertical rectangles in place of the older horizontal ones. In addition to this, the client also incorporates the activity page into the library page. This makes the community features much more accessible as compared to how it is in the current design. The fresh new design also allows for much better organization options—something users have been demanding for some time now.

The update is also reportedly going to add a cool new 3D animation effect on the trading cards in the new Steam Client library UI which you can see below:

Achievements, trading cards, and screenshots are all now built into the new library page. Furthermore, this fresh new Steam client design is rumored to put an emphasis on being a web-based UI. This web-based UI will work similarly to the Steam chat that was rolled out last year. Having the annual Steam summer sale 2019 last month, it is likely we will be getting the new Steam Client update sometime around August. Let’s wait and see.