Two Major Steam Sales Starting Soon, Dates Leaked

Steam hold sales for almost every season whether its summer, spring or autumn. Steam also doesn’t like to share when the sale will start and every year they leak. This year is no different as dates for Steam autumn sale and winter sale 2018 have leaked.

The leaked dates for Steam Autumn sale and Winter sale 2018 comes from Kotaku. According to the leak, Steam Autumn sale will start on November 21 and will continue till November 27.

As for the Steam Winter sale, it will start on December 20, 2018, and will continue for two weeks till January 3, 2019. These dates fall in line with the sales that took place last year and the year before that.

Like always, I expect great discounts on video games on Steam sales. However, given that this is just a leak, take it with a grain of salt.

Furthermore, before the Autumn sale stats, there is a Halloween sale that will take place before that. Surprisingly, the leak doesn’t mention the Halloween sale. So, prepare your wallets for the sale to come.

Speaking of Steam, it is the biggest PC digital platform. So, it comes as no surprise that Steam player count has jumped 23 million since last year.

According to Valve, Steam now has 90 million users per month which is up from 67 million users last year. Not only that, Steam’s concurrent users also saw a bump as now it stands at 18.1 million concurrent users.

Despite being the biggest PC platform, some devs are skipping Steam for the PC version of their games. Bethesda is one of them as Fallout 76 won’t be coming to Steam and is playable through

According to Bethesda, they want to have a direct relationship with their Fallout 76 players. This is the reason they are not releasing the game on Steam. However, this might be the only Bethesda game that won’t come to Steam.

PC gaming is known for being more accurate thanks to the use of mouse and keyboard. But, stats reveal that PC gamers love to user controllers. According to stats, over 30 million Steam users have registered a controller.

Source: Kotaku

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