Steam Allows Developers To Set Their Own Sales

Digital distribution site Steam is looking to award developers the right to set their own discounts on games in their latest Steamworks update. This would allow for custom sales that aren’t tied to Valve’s pre-approved system with sales reps and so on.

There are two ways of setting up deals, one for the weeklong deals running on the storefront and the other for custom discounts. Both will be accessible up to two months in advance.

For the weeklong deals, only the discount percentage has to be set. In the custom sales, it’s also possible to put up a product at a discount for up to two weeks.

Steam is already running sales pretty much all the time, but this will most likely increase the frequency even more. Still, this is also a powerful tool when thinking of competition.

Since the latter promotional tool allows for impromptu deals on Steam, they could easily bypass current sales on other platforms. That’s good news for consumers.

This week, Steam has mostly indie games on its weeklong deals segment. If you’re looking to buy some, we’ll point out some of the better games to try out.

Story fans will love Postmortem: One Must Die, since everything in the game revolves around being captured by the story of its people. You are Death and must decide who dies and that action will shape the nation.

In Foul Play, cutout cartoons fight each other in old-timey British scenes. This is done in front of a live audience, like in Paper Mario.

To fulfill your arcade spirit, you can play WizOrb. It revives Breakout, also known as Arkanoid, with slight roleplaying elements.

Finally, that arcade sense also lives in Warlock: Master of the Arcane, where the 4X strategy genre is reduced to swift combat designs.

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