Steam has Allowed Developers to Choose Curators for Their Games

Steam has come up with a new curator system, which allow developers to choose the curators that they want to see on their game’s page.

Designer and Writer of Gunpoint Game, Tom Francis reported this news via his twitter account:

However, the person who gets chosen as curator will have to abide by all the rules and regulations set by Steam, otherwise he will not be able to continue.

New regulations added to Steam Page, demand the “chosen curators” to disclose if they have taken any monetary benefits from the developers, who have asked for his/her services.

Almost everyone is now eligible to become a curator including “gamers, fans, critics, journalists, developers, artists, industry types, managers, environmentalists, designers, or really anyone that wants to help other gamers discover new favorites. All you need is a non-limited Steam account and you can get started.”

The authority of choosing curators will be welcomed by the developers and this will also allow regular users to become a big part of Steam.

Are you looking forward to be a Curator for any game?

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