How to Steal Vehicles in Destruction AllStars

In this Destruction AllStars guide we will tell you how to Steal Vehicles in this latest vehicular combat game for the Playstation 5. We’ll help you take over or wreck your opponent’s vehicles or shake off an opponent who is trying to take over your vehicle in Destruction AllStars.

Stealing Vehicles in Destruction AllStars

Accelerating around the arena is quite fun when you’re behind a wheel in Destruction AllStars, however, the game takes a turn when you’re on foot.

Seeing all those bloodthirsty high-speed vehicles coming for you will make your blood run cold within an instance.

At that given moment if you’re out of luck and can’t find a vehicle to hop into, you can always take over your opponents’ vehicles.

This, however, is not easy and if done wrong you might end up being knocked out. To steal a vehicle, look around and spot a vehicle that is coming towards you.

Once it’s nearby press X and jump onto the vehicle or press O to dodge it. Both of these would help you get on top of the vehicle.

Once you’ve jumped or dodged an incoming vehicle, start spamming the Triangle button to get on top of the vehicle and get comfortable.

Once you’ve taken hold, two bars will show up on your screen: an orange one and a blue one. You need to fill up the blue bar before the orange bar fills up.

If the orange bar beats you to the finish line, you’ll find yourself on foot looking at oncoming traffic once again.

To fill up the blue bar you’ll have to press certain buttons on your controller in the given order. These buttons are mostly Square and O.

Once the blue bar is complete and you’re still hanging on to the vehicle you’ll have a choice of taking over the vehicle or wrecking it.

If you wreck the vehicle, you’ll soon find yourself looking for another vehicle along with your opponent.

However, if you decide to take over then you’ll have a ride and your opponent will be on foot.

Making it Easier
Pressing Square and O on your controller can be difficult at times given their awkward positioning and you might end up losing the battle after hopping onto the opponent’s vehicle.

You can change these controls from the Bindings menu. They are named as left and right take over prompts.

We suggest you change these controls to L2 and R2 as these shoulder buttons are easier to find and press.

Shaking off an opponent
Remember the orange bar that we talked off earlier in the guide? Well, that is for your opponent who is inside the car.

In case you’re inside the car and someone is trying to steal it from you can throw them off if the orange bar fills up before the blue bar does.

You can do so by being the most reckless driver on the road. Try taking sharp turns, and they are even better with the handbrake on.

Also, try smashing into other vehicles, if you aren’t already, to throw the opponent away.

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