Statement From Gabe Newell On Master Chief Collection Credits Phil Spencer And Team

A statement from Gabe Newell on Master Chief Collection’s upcoming PC port has proven as humble as they come. The founder and head of Valve credited Xbox’s Phil Spencer and his team with how simple it was to port Halo from the Xbox One to the PC, releasing later this year.

This is probably one of the biggest upsets in a long time for Microsoft, which has had Halo be its premiere Xbox game ever since the series first began back in 2001. Since then, even through Halo coming under 343 Interactive’s control while Bungie went off to develop Destiny, the series has managed to remain strong.

But from what we’ve heard from Gabe Newell on Master Chief Collection, such a massive undertaking to port the game to the PC after nearly two decades as an Xbox exclusive (barring 2007 when Halo 2 Vista came out and failed dismally) wasn’t as bad as someone might have thought.

That’s probably all the more important considering the rocky reception that the Master Chief Collection got when it first released on the Xbox One back in 2014. The Halo fanbase had a great deal of anticipation for a collection of all of the main Halo games, but upon release discovered the game was full of bugs and glitches.

While in the intervening years the game has become much more stable due to tireless work by Microsoft and 343, there’s always the possibility that the port could turn out shoddy, but hopefully the statement from Gabe Newell on Master Chief Collection means the opposite.

The Master Chief Collection will not only contain the main Halo games up to Halo 4, but will also include Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, two side games that tell the story of a squad of ODSTs in New Mombasa, and the exploits of a team of Spartans during the Fall of Reach. There’s still no release date yet.