State of Decay Zombies, Zombie Horde and Infestation Guide

Find out how to kill zombies, how to survive zombie horde and infestation in State of Decay.

State of Decay is a sandbox zombie survival game so it’s pretty evident that there are a lot of zombies in this game.

You will find different kinds of zombies lurking around in every nook and corner of the city. And that means you will have to strive very hard in order to evade them.

The game has to offer quite a lot in terms of zombies – there are around 6 types of zombies that you will encounter in this game including Zombie Horde, which is a group of vigilant zombies that will attack you as soon as you are in their line of sight.

State of Decay Zombies

This guide aims on helping you by providing you comprehensive information about different kinds of zombies present in the game along with tactics that you should use against Zombie Hordes.

Screamer is a zombie which is literally harmless but that certainly doesn’t mean it can’t call out for help to other zombies.

As the name itself suggests, Screamer has a very loud voice like a scream which it uses to summon other zombies towards itself. So it’s better to take out this zombie before it shouts out to others.


Bloater is a special kind of zombie in State of Decay. It has a constant gas coming out of its body which can damage both your health and cardio.

Also, don’t even think about taking out this zombie by ramming it with your vehicle because the smoke coming out of its body can damage your vehicle beyond repair thus making it useless.

Call of duty, anyone? This special zombie has a very large body and its slams can yield high damage to your character.

If you happen to see him, your best bet is to run away. Or you can always try to knock him out from the ground by ramming your car into him. But know this; doing this will do considerable damage to your car too.

Feral Zombies
Feral zombies can be regarded as one of the most agile zombies in the game. They are very hard to shoot due to their swift movements and melee weapons don’t even stand a chance.

Besides, his attacks can do a great amount of damage so better to keep your distance.

SWAT Zombies
SWAT Zombies! These can be considered as normal zombies except the fact that they are wearing bullet-proof jackets so they can’t be shot. However, you can always perform finishing moves on them to take them out instantly.

Zombie Horde

In State of Decay, a zombie horde is a bunch of zombies roaming freely in the world that will attack you on sight. The threat of zombie horde coming your way is presented by a red text.

Don’t mistake these zombies as the normal zombie you will encounter during the game. Zombies of a horde are more agile and aggressive than the normal zombies.

They can be pretty much attracted to you by any loud noise you make, for instance, gun shots, generator, searching, etc.

Open your mini-map and you will see large red areas on you map indicating the position of a Zombie Horde. Now, it’s up to you how you would like to deal with these zombies. Would you like to take them down head-on or you would allow them to grow more and more.

Let’s consider the first option, if you plan on taking out the entire Zombie Horde on your own then you might lose your valuable resources which are already scarce and even getting the survivor you are controlling to die.

However, if you choose to let them roam freely and grow then you will risk the lives of all of your survivors. There might come a time when the Zombie Horde will get more and more near you home base and they launch an attack on the survivors especially the ones in their sleep or the ill ones.

The Zombie Horde is more likely to attack your home base while you are out on a mission. In that case, you will receive a phone call from your home base informing you about the attack and you must kill them all in order to protect your fellow survivors. In case if you don’t do that, the zombies will ruin everything you have ever achieved from survivors to supplies.

Now the question is how to kill the Zombie Horde? Your best bet is to grab a vehicle and ram all those zombies that come your way.

There will also come a point while destroying a Zombie Horde when another Zombie Horde will begin to grow near you home base but those should not cause any problem as long as you have a vehicle with you or a decent amount of ammo.

Also, note that the time of the day doesn’t matter as the zombies will always be a threat to you. So be sure to check your mini-map frequently and then plan your move accordingly.

It is also advised to think before planning something out as your decision will decide the fate of your home base and other survivors.

Do you want to kill them right then and there or you will give them some time to grow and then take them out? It’s totally up to you!


First things first, what is an infestation? An infestation can spread in your mini-map at any time of the day.

These infestations can make the other survivors and your community members fearful and your overall progress of the game will also suffer due to them. Along with being a threat to other survivors you have assigned to do certain tasks.

If these infestations are not dealt with, they can cause a state of panic amongst the other survivors and hence alter the overall progression of the game.

Taking out these infestations is not difficult at all. All you need is a vehicle! When you have a vehicle, get close to an infestation and start honking horn to get their attention and of any other zombies lurking around.

When you have gathered them all, ram them all with your vehicle until they are dead. Ironic enough! Keep on reversing the car and then ramming them again.

When you have killed all the zombies in the area, head into the building with the infestation and kill any remaining zombies present in the building and take them out too. There, easy as it can be! Infestation is not a threat anymore.

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