State of Decay Vehicles Guide – How To Use

Vehicles play a significant role in State of Decay as they serve as your primary source of moving around the city at a fast pace. Of course, you can walk your way through but what if you get attacked by a zombie on your way? So a vehicle is a must have in this game.

However, to make the game a bit more challenging, the developers have decided not to put a whole lot of them in the game. Meaning that vehicles are scarce and if you have one, you will have to maintain it properly otherwise it will be gone for good.

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The main types of vehicles that you will come across in this game are:

  • Taxi
  • Pizza Delivery Car
  • Muscles
  • Rally Hatchback
  • Pickups
  • Police Cruiser
  • Hatchback
  • Modern Sedan
  • Station Wagon
  • Exotic Cars
  • Modern Pickups

Realistic Approach
As I have already said that vehicles are really rare in this game and that if you destroy one, it will be gone for good.

Let’s suppose that you have destroyed all the cars in your vicinity and could not find one!? In that case, you will have to purchase a new car from your neighborhood and it will require you to pay money of course.

Although the developers have tried to make this game as close to reality as they could, they still haven’t featured the concept of fuel. And that is good in a sense.

Suppose you are in the middle of a battle with a zombie horde; ramming them with your car and suddenly you realize that you have run out of the fuel. That would definitely suck, wouldn’t it?

Controlling the Vehicles
Also, the handling of the vehicles have an arcade approach instead of simulation. Still, all the vehicles available in the game have different handling and control. A muscle car is acceleration oriented and is able to take sharp turns at more speed while wagons and hatchbacks are easier to control at slow pace.

In such a time of apocalypse, all you need to do is survive and the key to survive is being as discreet as you could. Avoiding any zombies that you can. But you can’t always do that, could you? Cars do make a lot of noise especially when it comes to sports cars with their big exhausts.

While playing the game you may want to choose the car with the minimum noise so as to avoid any zombie threat nearby and increase your chances of surviving the apocalypse.

Receiving Damage
The vehicles are also capable of receiving damage. Driving rashly and doing more accidents might not affect engine that much but it will definitely affect the overall performance of the car. And since the cars don’t have their health meters, their overall condition can give you an idea about their health.

If it is damaged, it is advised to take it to your home base workshop and get it repaired before you lose it forever.

Repairing Procedure
If your car is not on the verge of exploding then there is a chance that it can be repaired. To repair a car all you need to do is take the car to your home base with a workshop and have it repaired by someone who have previous skills in repairing cars.

You may also need some parts to successfully perform the repair procedure. However, these parts are not related to vehicles at all and any construction material you have gathered will do the job.

Killing Zombies with your Vehicles
Like I have already mentioned that you can always use your vehicle to kill zombies. However, that will also affect your vehicle and it may even break down completely as some zombies are capable of jumping onto the car and sticking to it until they have done enough damage to stop it completely.

Zombies can also pull the doors of the cars of its hinges and can get to you. However, there are a few ways you can throw them off from your vehicles like drifting and suddenly applying brakes.

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