State of Decay Outposts Guide – How To Setup

State of Decay is an open-world sandbox title which takes your decisions and the choices you make into consideration the most. It is up to you whether you would like to set up a camp somewhere with a few survivors, and a handful supplies against a great zombie threat or go out and fight your way. The game is ever evolving and would test your ultimate survival skills.

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As soon as you are done with the prologue, you will find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The game will require you to do certain things, complete tasks and do missions. However, there is a steep learning curve and the game requires you to think exactly like you would do in a real zombie apocalypse.

One of those things that you need to complete is setting up an outpost. But first things first, we must ask ourselves what is an outpost, what do these outposts do and how to build them?

In the world of ‘State of Decay’, an outpost is just like a bunker or a storage room. During the game, you will be able to set-up a total of four outposts on a home base. And once you have built an outpost; you will have access to your storage room any time during the game.

Another thing that you should remember is, in case you intend on moving to a new home base, you will be able to move your outposts along, if you want. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that in State of Decay, you are always on the move.

So, when you move to a bigger home base, you will have the ability to build more outposts per home base. Now that you have learned all about outposts and their uses, let’s get straight to building them.

How To Setup An Outpost in State of Decay
Building an outpost is as easy as it can be! Search for any building on your mini-map like construction sites, gas stations, old houses, etc. And take out any zombies lurking in that particular area. When you are clearing the area of zombies, your character actually gives you a hint about zombies left in the area.

For example, ‘I am not alone here’ is one such hint which means there is at least one zombie still lurking around in the area which you need to kill.

Once you have cleared the building, a safe zone will appear around the building making that building a bit more secure for you to roam around. Zombies will not spawn in the safe zone circle and as long as you keep it quite, undead will not pose much threat but that doesn’t mean they can’t enter the area.

In fact, if you aren’t careful and make random noise, they will be attracted towards that area.

After that, you will need to search the whole building (every room) of goods such as medicines, etc. Once you have searched the whole building, question mark (?) under the name of the building will either disappear or be replaced by a supply icon.

Now you can turn this building into an outpost for 50 influence points by pressing ‘Down’ on your D-Pad and selecting the outpost option.

State of Decay Outposts – How They Work
Once you have established an outpost, it will be represented by a green icon with a small flag coming out of it on your map. Each outpost has a supply locker which is connected to the locker in your base. You can use this locker to turn in supplies on your character or get supplies for your character.

You cannot drop rucksacks in your outpost though; you must return to base to do that.

Every outpost you establish, you get an extra 15 percent change of missing allies coming home on their own. Furthermore, safe zone around your outpost has a range of protections in the form of mines and other traps, which will destroy zombie hordes without requiring your involvement.

Another good thing about these protections is, they get replenished every minute. Do note though, mines will only destroy hordes, not the stragglers.

If you leave supply crates in your outposts, they will gradually replenish your supplies at home base until your outpost runs out. Outpost out of supplies is indicated by a castle icon on your map, so take notice of that when you see it.

To upgrade your outposts, open the list of outposts you have established on the home page of your Journal below home base. Select any outpost and move to ‘Set Traps for Passing Hordes’ to increase the size of your outpost Safe Zones and number of mines and traps you can install around the base at the cost of one fuel resource and five influence. You only need to do this once.

State of Decay Outposts Tips and Strategy
Building the outposts is one thing, setting them up correctly to kill the hordes of zombies is another. When you decide to place an outpost, give it time to place it accurately to a maximum so that it protects you from zombie hordes; a poorly placed outpost won’t be able to do that.

When you are setting up your first outposts at the Church, make sure you put them in places like the construction site to the north or the house to the south of the road leading to the Church.

Outposts placed at these locations will prevent hordes from reaching your home base.

When you are placing additional outposts, make it your priority to place them at street corners and in areas with lots of buildings. This way, you will be able to prevent infestations from growing too close to your home.

When you move to a new home and want to set up your outposts or when you want to change the location of your outposts, go to the home page of your Journal, select the outpost you want to destroy and press the green “X” button. It will take one minute to take down the outpost. The downside is that if your outposts are out of resources or few have same resources; it is impossible to tell which outpost you should take down.

This is unfortunately where you need to work on trial and error basis. Want to add something or have we forgotten something? Do let us know in the Comment Section below!

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