State of Decay Livestream from Undead Labs Highlights Community Features

State of Decay is a hack ‘n’ slash XBLA title coming to the market from the developer Undead Labs. The game will be releasing sometime in June, and to taunt us, the developers have taken to livestreaming an hour of in-game footage while all we can do is throw money at the screen fruitlessly.

The game seems to be somewhat similar to DayZ in that it’s in open world sandbox game, but it’s definitely unique in its own right.

The gameplay starts off in the church base, which is apparently a base players come across quite early in the game. The character (Maya) heads inside to overhear an argument going on between some NPCs. One of the streamers mentions that one of the more important things in the game is the mental health of your community. He compares it to the kind of disunity and infighting that occurs in most zombie films.

They eventually take Maya outside the church and kill a whole bunch of zombies and raid some buildings for supplies (finding a tomahawk to use as a melee weapon). After a while of splattering undeads across the hood of a muscle car, they decide to do a mission.

After that, we head back to the church and the devs show off the community features of the game (as in, controlling your community of survivors, not other players). You can build other structures, find survivors with certain skills and assign them tasks such as head cook for a survivor with a high cooking skill.

The rest of the VOD is pretty informative too; the players do a good job of highlighting many of the features, and I highly recommend you check it out.

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