State of Decay Army Missions Walkthrough Guide

State of Decay is a zombie survival shooter game with RPG elements thrown into the mix. Like Day Z it features perma-death but unlike Day Z there is a story mode in it.

The Army Missions in Undead Labs’ new zombie survival game are basically the main story missions. These progress the story and eventually lead you to the ending.

There are other storylines such as the Courthouse and Wilkerson missions that add a bit of extra flavor to the story, however for the sake of simplicity we will only be covering the Army missions in this particular walkthrough.

We have separate walkthroughs for the other missions you can check out if you get stuck anywhere.

Keep in mind that when you complete a mission, the next one will not pop up immediately. Therefore it’s a good idea to spend some time doing other things like scavenging for more supplies and exploring for survivors in between missions.

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Mission 1: Army Sighting
A pretty simple mission, It basically consists of you having a talk with Erik Tan, who tells you to go home and stay indoors, as they have the situation under control.

Mission 2: Army Activity
This mission begins when you get a call over the radio from a new survivor by the name of Karen.

When you go check it out you find out Erik Tan has been ordered to capture some survivors. However, he will decide to let them go and order you to take care of them instead. Follow the map markers and locate Karen and one other survivor. Take them back to the homestead.

Mission 3: Eyes in the Sky
This begins when Tan contacts you via radio to do some artillery spotting. Scale the marked cell tower and locate two zombie hordes. Enjoy the pretty explosions.

Mission 4: Insubordination
And thus we find out Erik Tan isn’t a bad guy! Overhearing a conversation where the sergeant requests permission to rescue some survivors and is denied by his superior, you decide to lend your assistance.

Go to the marked location to meet up with Tan and take out a bunch of zombies with him. After all is done, he will thank you and give you the ability to call in artillery strikes.

Mission 5: Sgt. Erik Tan
This begins with another message from Erik. When you get to his location you’ll find out that he’s stuck outside an army outpost. After finding out that there isn’t anyone manning the post (which is suspicious) he blows the gate and enters along with you.

Make use of the very well equipped soldiers you now have in your group and explore the area for supplies. You can also make a new home here in the fairgrounds. When you’re ready to proceed check out the downed helicopter and the Ferris wheel.

Eventually Erik will tell you he’s going to check out the nearby HQ to figure out what’s going on and you are free to do whatever.

Mission 6: Lone Soldier
Erik will contact you and ask you to meet him somewhere. When you get there you find him with a gravely ill comrade. He talks to you and suggests they check out the town’s water supply as that is source of the sickness. Afterwards he gives the suffering soldier a merciful death.

Head on to the water reservoir along with Erik and his squad, where you find out that Trumbull Valley is no longer a habitable location. It’s time to clear off for good.

Mission 7: Exit Strategy
Another ‘mission’ that is essentially just a conversation. Go to Erik Tan’s location and talk to him and Lily. Apparently you need to blow up a wall before you can leave the valley, but you need to find explosives first. Mission end.

Mission 8: The Armory
This one is pretty tough. Erik informs you that the explosives are held in a warehouse in the Fairgrounds and gives you a destination to meet up with him. Stock up and head on over.

The warehouse is full of zombies, including special infected. Luckily you have Erik’s squad to help you out, but you should still try to only pull a few zombies over at a time instead of attracting the whole horde.

Clearing the warehouse will allow Tan to collect the explosives and the mission will end.

Mission 9: The Wall
For this one you need to protect Sgt. Tan as he sets up the explosives from waves of zombies. Again, you’re going to want to get prepped for this one. Once you’ve held off the horde long enough, Erik will tell everyone to get clear and pop the detonator, only to hear no explosion.

Now you need to protect him as he examines the explosives again to see what went wrong. Apparently, the detonator is busted, and the only way to set off the C4 is to do it manually.

Lily volunteers for the job, as she is suffering from Lupus and will die. However, Erik points out that he already caught the illness from the water supply, and has even less time. He goes up and takes one for the team, allowing you and your mates to escape through the wall. The End.

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