State of Decay Achievements Guide

The achievements in State of Decay are pretty straight forward and easy to get. As far as we can tell you can unlock all the achievements available for the game at least in single play-through.

There are a total of 30 achievements for this game that will earn you 400G Gamerscore. Estimated time needed to unlock all these achievements requires you to play the game for minimum 25 hours. All these achievements are offline, and no online achievements are present.

There are no achievements that can’t be achieved, and the gameplay difficulty doesn’t affect the achievements.

A handful of these achievements are story related meaning that they can’t be missed. While the others are quite easy and fun to get. However, you should keep in mind NOT to reject any mission and NOT dying on the last mission to get all the achievements.

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There you have all the information regarding the achievements! So let’s get right into it!

Cannibal Family Picnic – 5G
Got to the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station

Just get to the Ranger Station in the beginning of the game and you will get it.

Holy Rolling – 10G
Escaped Mt. Tanner and found survivors at the church

This achievement is story related. Just rescue the survivors from the church.

Survivor – 20G
Escaped Trumbull Country

This achievement is story related. However, if you die during this mission, you will not unlock the achievement.

It Was Just a Police Action – 10G
Found out what the army was upto

This achievement is story related. Just help Sgt. Tan and it will pop-up.

Home on the Grange – 10G
Played matchmaker for Quentin and Becca

This achievement is story related. Can’t be missed!

Arrested Development – 10G
Saw things through at the courthouse

This achievement is story related. Just do the ‘Trouble in the courthouse’ mission and the achievement will unlock.

Gun Thugs – 10G
Helped the Wilkerson’s resolve their differences

This achievement is story related but you can miss this achievement if you listen to Lily telling you not to help Wilkerson’s.

Pest Control – 20G
Destroyed 5 infestations in one day

The large red circles on your mini-map are infestations. Just go there and kill all the zombies inside and outside the particular building 5 times in a day to unlock this achievement.

Watch the Birdie! – 10G
Distracted zombies to complete an objective

At a point, Lily will ask you to rescue her brother. Upon reaching their, he will give you some explosives to distract the zombies. Throw them all to unlock the achievement.

I can see my House from Here – 10G
Completed a survey activity

Once you have reached Mt. Tannis Ranger, go outside and reach the top of the water tower and look at the question marks below until you find out what they are! Successfully doing this will pop-up the achievement.

Land Usage – 20G
Built one of every type of facility

Just make the following facilities any time during the game to unlock the achievement:

  • Sleeping Area
  • Medical Area
  • Training Area
  • Cooking Area
  • Storage Area
  • Garden
  • Dinning Area
  • Library

Note that you don’t have to make these facilities in the same home base or build them at the same time. You can deconstruct one facility and then replace it with another. Doing this successfully will unlock the achievement.

Home Improvement – 10G
Built a facility

This achievement is also story related. You will have to make a facility (Any facility you want) to unlock this achievement.

I’ll be there for you – 10G
Earned 500 fame

All you need to do is level up a bunch of your characters and complete the quests and the achievement will pop-up.

Mercy Shot – 10G
Killed a member of your community to prevent them from turning

While playing the game, there will come a point when you will receive the ‘Mercy Shot’ mission. This usually happens when one of your community member will get bitten by a zombie. Kill them to unlock the achievement.

Come and Knock on our door – 10G
Convinced another enclave to join your community

Just after reaching the church, you will be asked to head to the nearest radio tower to find equipment. After reaching it, you will be hear some survivors who will need your help. Rescue them and escort them safely to church – yes that is very important – for the achievement to unlock.

Manifest Destiny – 15G
Built 8 outposts

This is quite simple! All you need to do built 8 outposts. After arriving at the church, you will able to turn any area into am outpost, after your community members have built an outpost, press ‘D’ on your D-pad for your reinforcements to arrive there. Doing this successfully 8 times will unlock the achievement.

Everywhere you look – 15G
Got 15 people in your community

While playing the game, you will be able to save survivors from zombie attacks or finding the missing ones. Doing this successfully will enable you to add those survivors in your community and they will join your cause. However, you must have 15 survivors at the same time.

Sometimes, it so happens that a survivor goes missing or dies because of a disease, etc. So it is very important to keep everyone happy and healthy. After you have gathered 15 survivors in your community, the achievement will pop-up.

Movin’ on Up! – 15G
Relocated your home base

As you progress in the game, you will be able to shift your home base to the building in which you are only IF that’s a potential home base. To do this use your radio to call your home base and shift your home base.

Rule# 1 – 10G
Maxed out a community member’s Cardio skill

To unlock this achievement, you need to reach maximum cardio level with one survivor. This will require you to play the game for a while and instead of using a vehicle, run on your foot to explore different areas.

Trust me, I’m an expert – 15G
Earned a skill specialization for one of your community members

Every character present in the game has the ability to choose any specialization skill after reaching a particular level in a skill. Just select the specialization you want and hold ‘x’ to confirm it and achievement to unlock.

Horde Hoard – 20G
Destroyed 10 hordes in one day

Hordes can be seen as directional red icons on your mini-map walking here and there. You need to kill 10 hordes for this achievement to pop-up. Your best bet would be to grab a car and ram them with your car.

You need to do this at least 10 times in a real day.

Ya always were an A-hole Gorman – 10G
Sacrificed life in a blaze of glory

You need to die for this achievement to unlock so make sure you have other characters. Select a M67 grenade to your ‘RB’ hotkey and look for a zombie horde to fight you. Just don’t attack them and die! At this point, you character will pull out the grenade and blow everything up and you will receive the achievement.

You may also want to tap ‘RB’ quickly as you see ‘A’ button prompted on the screen.

Torn Apart – 10
Got killed by zombies

We would advise you to play a new game for this one because if your character dies, you will lose it forever. After doing so, just let zombie kill you and you will unlock this.

Get Yo’ freak on – 10G
Killed one of each zombie freak type

Feral zombie, Screamer, Big Bastard, SWAT zombie and Rotter. You need to kill them all while playing the game for this achievement to unlock. Also, make sure that it is your character who kills these zombies and not your community members.

Zed hunting missions come in handy for this one.

The Bruce – 15G
Killed 3 zombies with an exploding propane tank

Throughout the game you will come across many propane tanks spread throughout the game. Have a look at your mini-map and find a zombie horde (preferably) near a tank and then use a distraction item to lure zombie near than tank and then shoot it for the achievement to unlock.

Note that you need to kill at least 3 zombies with the explosion to do this.

Double Dead – 15G
Performed a hand to hand double kill special attack

The characters which get this ability are Marcus, Callie Erica, Jacob Ritter, Esmerelda Joselyn and Daniel Marshall can get this skill after leveling up powerhouse skills to max.

Just select this specialization ability and stand still in a fight, as a zombie attacks you press ‘LB’ and ‘B’ at the same time to counter them and kill two zombies nearby for the achievement to unlock.

Gotta enjoy the little things – 10G
Used a car door to kill a zombie

Press ‘X’ while in the car to open your door and hit a zombie with it. Just drive near a zombie and do this a couple of times to unlock the achievement.

Get outta my dreams – 10G
Killed one each freak zombie type with your car

Feral zombie, Screamer, Big Bastard, SWAT zombie and Rotter are the zombie that you need to kill with your vehicle. The only zombie you need to worry about are Big Bastards and Feral zombies.

Feral zombies are easy to kill with your car but after they die they will spit some liquid like acid on your car which will drain your stamina and health so make sure you get out of your car until it all clears up.

As for big bastards, you best bet would be to do maximum damage with weapons and grenades and then ram it with a powerful vehicle else it would take a number of vehicles and it just won’t die.

Vehicular zombicide – 20G
Ran over 250 zombies

This achievement is relatively easy and it popped-up for me while I was completing my first play-through. However, if you want to do it separately, then grab a heavy vehicle and ram all the zombies in your way especially zombie hordes for this to unlock.

Badass – 30G
Completed 50 missions or activities with the same character

Just make sure you don’t decline any missions and complete 50 activities, side quests, main missions and rescue missions with the same character to unlock this.

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