State Of Decay 2 Will Be A Unique Experience Among Zombie Games According To Design Director

State of Decay 2 is releasing this month breathing some “exclusive” life into Xbox One. As fans await the sequel of the famous zombie slaying State of Decay, the games Design Director sheds some light to its features and development, stating that it’s “a unique experience among zombie games”. Why is that though?

Following their preview of State of Decay 2, GameCentral had the chance to talk with Richard Foge, Design Director at Undead Labs. In the interview, many questions that fans had have been answered along with the concern that its sandbox character may affect its performance. Foge reassured that his studio paid close attention to what the community of the game wanted and, working with Microsoft, they managed to solve a lot of issues.

First of all, he revealed that the idle events happening to your State of Decay community have been removed since it “was very stressful for a lot of players”. Since the development of State of Decay 2 took 4 and a half years, Undead Labs had the time to increase the variety in it, implement more content with branching systems and a lot of choices. Foge said about the variety of State of Decay 2:

We are bringing something unique to the genre. The fact that you’re controlling, not an individual but a community of survivors. The fact that the choices that you make have consequences and the dynamic narrative is reactive to those choices. The fact that you’re doing the base-building and dealing with the simulation make our experience unique among zombie games. So I feel like we still have something going on there.

In terms of difficulty, Foge claimed that the genre has originally started pretty hardcore and as the fanbase grew developers got better into making those games. However, State of Decay 2 will have only one level of difficulty. If you want your game to get more difficult you can invite some “noob” friends to make it a bit more challenging.

Furthermore, he talked a bit more about the ability to create your own base saying that it’s actually a big part of State of Decay 2. He claims:

We start you off on a pretty straightforward base with a small number of slots. As you increase your comfort with being able to get out into the world you will find other bases with bigger layouts and more opportunities. Some bases have facilities that are built into them, that the only way to get access to this specific facility is having that base. The interactions between facilities, how that affects your survivors, how your survivors affect facilities… it can get really deep and you can spend a lot of time in that part of the game. It really is up to you how you want to play.

Furthermore, Undead Labs’ design director revealed that they want State of Decay 2 to be more like a hobby. He claims that players are still into its predecessor and that’s the kind of audience they’re targeting. State of Decay 2 can be, according to his statement, the game that “makes you feel like you’re going back to something that you love whenever you want”.

State of Decay 2 launches on May 22nd on Xbox One and PC. It will also be available for free since day one with Xbox Game Pass so make sure to check that out too. Also, make sure to check its PC System Requirements here.

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