State of Decay 2 Vehicles Guide – Where To Find All Vehicles, How To Refuel, Repairing Guide

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If there’s one thing you need more than weapons in a harsh post-apocalyptic zombie world, it’s something to evade the threat. Vehicles come quite handy in such scenarios and below we’ve described the basic working of these vehicles including how to refuel them.

State of Decay 2 Vehicles

There are a bunch of wheels riddled around every corner of the map in the game at your disposal.

It’s your job to find one and maintain it for it to continue functioning properly. Getting in and out whenever the threat of zombies looms closer, your vehicle can just what saves your life.

Drucker County Vehicles

Vehicle Speed Seats Handling Slot Capacity
Passenger Van 2/5 4 2/5 8
Rhames V 3/5 4 3/5 6
Ambulance 3/5 2 3/5 6
Desperado 3/5 2 3/5 6
Miraga NT 5/5 4 5/5 4
Military Truck 4/5 4-5 4/5 6
Utility Truck 3/5 4 3/5 6
Pilato CR 3/5 4 3/5 6
Cargo Van 2/5 1 2/5 8
Pilato 3/5 4 3-5 6
Legendre 3/5 2 3/5
Norma 3/5 4 4/5

Meaghar Valley

Vehicle Speed Seats Handling Slot Capacity
Brogan Rapscallion 3/5 2 3/5 5
Road Racer 5/5 1 5/5 3
Maximilian 4/5 2 4/5 4
Repair Van 2/5 1 2/5 8

Cascade Hills

Vehicle Speed Seats Handling Slot Capacity
Road Racer MX 5/5 1 5/5 3
Survey Car 3/5 4 3/5 5
Vagabond 3/5 2 3/5 6
Miraga 3/5 4 3/5 4

Refueling Vehicle

Once you’re done with getting one of these cars, of your choice, of course, you cannot just drive around aimlessly because there’s fuel consumption at play here.

However, don’t worry, even if you want to have some fun, you can drive around as long as you refuel your vehicle.

Refueling is carried out by using canisters of fuel or gas that you can find near gas stations, convenience stores, other vehicles, many other places. You can create even more cans of fuel once you have a sufficient amount of raw fuel at your base.

To refuel, equip the gas can in your inventory and then approach the vehicle from the back. Interact and proceed to refuel the vehicle.

You may also find it helpful to keep a spare fuel canister in your trunk of the car. Fuel meter will be shown as the yellow bar on the left of the screen. Therefore, you’ll know when you’re running low and thus have to be extra careful.

Repairing Vehicle

This isn’t all when it comes to vehicles. In a dangerous situation, your vehicle may seriously get damaged or might even blow up. In either case, you can use a repair kit to bring your vehicle back to its original, unharmed and stable state.

Like fuel cans, these can also be found near gas stations, repair shops, garages, etc.

To repair your vehicle, simply equip the repair kit in your inventory and approach the vehicle from the front contrary to how refueling works. Once you’re standing in front of the vehicle, you will be able to interact and repair the vehicle successfully.

Not only is the damage undone by repairing, but your items and contents of the car return as well.

Vehicle Upgrades

After having acquired a vehicle, you have the option of upgrading the vehicle to your home base. Several modifications into armor and other exteriors of the vehicle can add up to the value of your post-apocalyptic ride.

Furthermore, various upgrades stand to improve the compatibility and efficiency of your car as well. For instance, increase in speed, improved handling and fuel efficiency, these are some improvements you can achieve with the vehicle upgrade feature in State of Decay 2.

Also, sometimes the vehicles found on the maps and in an abandoned shed and downtrodden parking are no better than the place where they’re found. And in order for them to function properly, these vehicles need some necessary upgrades.

Other than that, some upgrades are absolutely necessary in order to progress in the game and survive the apocalypse. For instance, armor against zombie attacks, grapple hooks and ramming guards to bash into any hoard to zombies you see blocking your path.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to upgrade vehicles as soon as possible. Some of the most recommended upgrades are as follows,

  • Smash Wagon: This upgrade involves raising the suspension of your vehicle along with armoring it heavily so that you don’t get stuck in any troublesome situation and escaping remains a viable option. It also raises your storage capacity along with fuel efficiency.
  • Road Racer: This upgrade is for light vehicles. It aims at maintaining the speed of the vehicle not disturbing it by adding hefty armors and other extensions. It adds a light armor while also raising the suspension and a ramming guard as well as in other upgrades.
  • Impaler Upgrade: This upgrade adds a ramming guard and anti-grapple spikes. Personally. I prefer this upgrade over the rest as it allows you to ram into zombies freely with fearing for them to grab onto the vehicle and entering by force. Also adds a medium armor along with a raised suspension.

In order to make these upgrades, you need to set up an Auto-Shop facility at your home base. Here, you will be able to create your own upgrade kits with the help of a survivor with Mechanic Skill at hand.

Other than that, you can also acquire these upgrade kits in parking and fueling stations. These upgrade kits come in three varieties i.e. light, medium and heavy upgrade kits.

This is all we have in our State of Decay 2 Vehicles Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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