State of Decay 2 Traits Guide – All Character Traits, Effects

The State of Decay 2 Traits Guide is for the different Traits that you are likely to encounter in State of Decay 2. We have all the possible traits along with the unique ability that each one holds.

See which one you get and what it means for you going forward in your journey in the post-apocalyptic world.

State of Decay 2 Traits

When you select a character, there is absolutely no way of knowing what you will get because getting a trait is very random.

It is like being born into the world with a unique talent or knowledge. Alternatively, like having careers or work experiences before all the shit happened to the world and zombies were all around.

Traits, therefore, define a survivor’s personality and own uniqueness. These qualities have an effect on your performance and the world around you. Below you can find all the Traits that we have come across so far and the effects that each carries.


Trait Effect
Angler Unlock skill “Fishing” which will add 2 pints of Food per day
Animal Lover N/A
Basketball Fan Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector
Birdwatcher Has some effect on skills
Blade Collector Has some effect on skills
Bold Driver N/A
Bleak Outlook A deduction of 7 points in the Morale attribute
Broad-Shouldered +15 for total carrying capacity
BBQ Master Unlocks skill “Cooking”
Carries Hand Sanitizer +50 when it comes to resisting Infections
Camp Physician Unlocks skill “Medicine”
Comic Book Dealer Morale bonus is granted from an upgraded Lounge and “Geek Trivia” skill is unlocked
Decent Shot Bonus to “Shooting” skill
Delivery Driver Unlocks skill “Driving”
Dependable Friend +50% Standing Rewards Frustration does not go up easily
Does Yoga Morale is granted a bonus from Fighting training facilities and Fighting skill is also improved.
Empathetic Looks for the more diplomatic effort to end a conflict.
EMT Has some effect on skills
Exhaustion Addition of 60 points in Fatigue attribute Deduction of 15 points in Morale attribute
Exuberant +20 to total Stamina Fatigue Severity decreases by 50%
Film Director Standing Rewards increase by 50%
Fleet Manager Unlocks and improves ‘Mechanics’ skill
Food Critic A deduction of 5 points in Morale attribute however an upgraded kitchen will increase Morale
Former Model Affects Skills
Grew Up Around Cars Bonus to morale is granted from the Auto Shop
Grew Up Poor N/A
Hiker Bonus is granted to Morale from outdoor bed facilities. Cardio skill is improved
Hong Kong Cinema Fan Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector Affects Skills and Fighting skill improved
IT Worker Unlocks and improves ‘Computer’ skill
LARPer Unlocks “Acting” skill
Lies About Age Standing Rewards increase by 25%
Loved Riding Bikes Has some effect on skills
Loved School N/A
Loved to Dance Morale bonus from having a Lounge Cardio skill improved.
Loved to Hunt Has some effect on skills
Low Pain Threshold Fighting experience rate goes up by 66% Max Health is reduced by 30 points Improves Fighting skill
Meal Delivery Driver Has some effect on skills
Majored in Chemistry Unlocks and improves ‘Chemistry’ skill
Minored in Chemistry Unlocks and improves ‘Chemistry’ skill
Needs Quiet Time Frustration can arise easily and the person with this trait can be irritated by others without much effort.
Neighborhood Watch Has some effect on skills
Nosy Morale is decreased by 3 points. Has some effect on skills
Partner in a Law Firm Unlocks “Law” skill
Plans Ahead Unknown
Played Sports Affects Cardio
Quilter Adds “Sewing” skill
Railroad Engineer Affects “Mechanics” skill
Rescues Spiders N/A
Science Teacher Unlocks skill “Chemistry”
Sewer Dweller Community Standing Rewards go down by 50%
Slightly Stocky Total Health increased by 20 points Total Stamina decreased by 10 points
Sold Fertilizer Unlocks “Gardening” skill
Telemarketer Affects Wits
The Muscle Powerhouse Skill
Undertaker Improves higher base cardio skill
Vacationed in Spain N/A
Vlogger Unlocks “Self-Promotion” skill
Will Drink Anything Bonus is granted to Morale from Stills and Bars
Whittler This unlocks the Craftmanship Skill

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