State Of Decay 2 Has Surpassed More Than Million Players

State Of Decay 2 launched a week ago and received a mixed reception from critics. The game was liked by many due to its gameplay mechanics but the frame rate issue and glitches on Xbox One made a lot of people unhappy about it. Despite having such issues the game has managed to cross a million players since its launch.

Today Microsoft announced the achievement on Xbox Wire. These numbers include the players who purchased the game physically or digitally, used Xbox Game Pass, acquired a used copy and game-shared it with a friend.

Microsoft has also recorded a six million combined hours of gameplay since the early access for the Ultimate Edition on May 18 and the global release of standard edition earlier this week.

As we close out our first week of the zombie apocalypse, we wanted to welcome and say thank you to the over one million fans playing State of Decay 2, helping break the million player mark, and answering the question: how will you survive? Since Early Access for the Ultimate Edition on May 18 and the global release of the Standard Edition on May 22, we have had over a million survivors across the globe playing and creating their own zombie survival story. Throughout launch, there have been over six million combined hours of State of Decay 2 gameplay, and we’ve watched nearly 3.5 million hours of gameplay across Mixer, Twitch and YouTube Gaming from over 41,000 unique broadcasts.

As revealed by Microsoft players have also watched over 3.5 million hours of gameplay across Mixer, Twitch, and Youtube over 41,000 unique broadcasts.

These numbers reveal the success of the game despite the game needs polishing. With this success, we are sure Undead Labs will continue to resolve the issues of the game in the upcoming months to allow the players to have a smooth experience and play the game longer which is good for the company.

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