Starhawk Vehicles Guide

Starhawk primarily is a third-person shooter with some RTS touch in it. By RTS elements, I mean the new “Build and Battle” system in the game which allows players to construct various structures like the bunkers and armories, etc. Since Starhawk is a virtual successor of Warhawk; players have the option to control some vehicles like the Hawks, Tanks and Jet Bikes, etc.

To spawn these vehicles, you need to build some structures using your Rift energy. Once the vehicles have been spawned, players can control them and use them in various ways.

Now, before you get onto these vehicles, you should know their basic functions at least so that you can optimize the use in the battle.

The concept of these flying mechs has been deduced from the original Warhawk. You can use these units in air and when you feel like that you are missing the ground combat, these fast-flying units can be transformed into a havoc bringer on land. The Hawks are supplied with plenty of fire that can cause a lot of disturbance in the enemy ranks.

To spawn this battle unit, you will have to build the Hawk Hangar structure using your Rift Energy. You may find it difficult to handle in the start, but once you have learnt the ways to dodge enemy lock-on; you can be a real pain for the enemy.

You should use the Power Sliding (R2+L2) and Trigger Chaff (R3) abilities to dodge the missiles, and once you are deep inside the enemy ranks, you can even think of landing this machine to take out the infantry and other structures quickly.

Ox Heavy Tank
Annoyed by the enemy bunkers and defensive walls? Well, the Ox Heavy Tank might just be your answer. It’s a heavily armored vehicle which won’t go that easy, which can give your teammates with other vehicles to enter the enemy base.

Two people can ride this vehicle at a time, and it will cost you eight rift energy. The explosive power is supplemented with Catapult Launcher and Standard Cannon.

Jet Bike
If you are looking to travel fast across the map, Jetbikes are there for you. They are actually the fastest mean to travel from one point to another.

They may be fast but they are quite fragile, which means if you are spotted at a bad time, you may end up being a miserable prey.

These mounted jeeps can also come handy for the offensive purpose. One player takes the responsibility to drive the vehicle while other can use the mounted machine gun to pick an enemy along the way.

The third player in the vehicle is free to use the infantry weapons. The vehicle is averagely armored, which means the enemy will have to shoot more than the Jet bikes to blow them off.

The vehicle can be purchased from the garage using the ‘Build and Battle’ system. And yes, you can use it run over the enemies with pleasure.

Jet Pack
These vultures can enhance the movement capabilities of ground infantry. You can use them to jump higher and get to the strategic points quickly. You can have them from the Vulture stations and each Vulture will cost you about 6 rift energy.

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