Starhawk Skills Guide

Apart from a variety of weapons and vehicles to choose from, Starhawk offers players to choose a skill that gives players an extra attribute in the match. They are just like Perks and only one among 25 available skills can be selected at one time.

But, before you can choose a skill, you need to unlock it. There are two requirements for that; Some prerequisite action and particular number of skill points.

You can earn skill points as you level up and if the prerequisite section of the skill you want to unlock is Green in the Skill selection menu, you can equip that skill.

Now let’s overview these skills and their prerequisites so that you are aware of their benefits in Starhawk.

Starhawk Multiplayer Skills

You will receive extra ammo from the pickups and your max ammo will also be increased.
Pre-requisite. You need to get 1 kill at-least with every troop weapon in a single game.

Weapon Mods
You get increased clip size for all the troop weapons and the vehicle weapons take longer to overheat.
Pre-requisite. You need to get the most the kills in a winning team.

This skills actually help in stabilizing the aim specially for long range shooting like slower bullet spread on continuous firing and reduced base spread.
Pre-requisite. All you need to do is kill 2 enemies with single railgun shot.

Field Mechanic
The vehicle beings used is gradually repaired automatically.
Pre-requisite. You need to get 10 kills count using a vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency
Maximum fuel for the jetpack and Hawk is increased.
Pre-requisite. You need to earn the Dogfighter medal.

Engine Mods
The maximum speed of vehicles is increased.
Pre-requisite. Being a part of winning team, you need to get maximum kills among other players.

Rift Economy
You will gather more rift energy.
Pre-requisite. You will unlock this skill if you attain both Builder and Battler medal in the same match.

Rift Affinity
You will keep on gathering Rift slowly even if you are not in the base.
Pre-requisite. In one match, you need to have the maximum Rift energy (you should be in the winning team).

Quick learner
You will get extra XP
Pre-requisite. Win three matches straight and you can unlock this skill.

Squad Leader
Make your teammates to spawn at your position.
Pre-requisite. To unlock, you need get the max XP in a match being in the winning team.

Combat Intel
All enemies will be shown on the radar.
Pre-requisite. The requirement is to destroy any enemy Outpost withing 60 seconds of deployment.

You won’t be visible on the enemy radar even with the Combat Intel Skill.
You need to grab 10 melee kills in a single match.

Turret Jammer
It will Jam the enemy turrets so that they can’t fire at you.
Pre-requisite. For this, your need to take out 10 enemy turrets in a single game.

Shock Trooper
The re-spawn point is reduced.
Pre-requisite. If you manage to kill an enemy with a drop pod and have the particular number of skill points, you can have this skill’s status green in the menu.

Fast Lock
The lock acquisition time for rocket and missile is reduced.
Pre-requisite. The anti-air medal is the requirement for this skill.

The player who kill you the previous time will be notified to you. If you manage to take him out, you will also get extra XP and Rift as a bonus.
Pre-requisite. Take out the enemy who killed you last time (call in your Vengeance).

You get notifiers for mines and players in the close proximity even if they are not visible directly.
Pre-requisite. You need to destroy 10 enemy land mines during a single game.

Buildings and vehicles can be damaged by your melee attack.
Pre-requisite. You need to take out three turrets with your melee attack in a single game.

Escape Artist
You will manage to stay safe from the destruction effects of buildings and vehicles.
Pre-requisite. If you manage to jump out of 10 vehicles just before they are destroyed, you will fulfill the pre-requisite for the skill.

You can use enemy control system to spawn vehicles and capture buildings.
Pre-requisite. If you manage to get a kill in enemy’s own supply bunker, the skill will be yours.

Low Profile
You will be able to escape (not attract or detonate) enemy land or air mines.
Pre-requisite. For this, you will have to take care of 10 enemy land or air mines.

You will always spawn with a railgun.
Pre-requisite. You need to get 10 railgun kills in a single game.

Heavy Weapon
You will always spawn with a MAW rocket launcher
Pre-requisite. 10 MAW kills in the same game is the requirement.

You will always spawn with a Welding Torch.
Pre-requisite. You need to earn the Repairman medal.

Point Man
You will always spawn with shotgun.
Pre-requisite. Get 10 shotgun kills in a single game and you have this skill unlocked.

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