List Of Names Vasco Can Say In Starfield

Vasco, the robot companion, in Starfield can pronounce your name including some unfiltered ones resulting in hilarious scenarios.

Continuing the tradition of Fallout 4, Starfield has introduced a new robot companion Vasco that can pronounce your name. This funny but deadly companion always addresses you as Captain followed by your chosen name. However, there is a catch. Vasco can only pronounce names that are predefined in Starfield.

This means you can select from only 1008 names that Vasco can pronounce. If you select another name in Starfield besides the list that Vasco can pronounce, he will simply refer to you as Captain.

List of funny names Vasco can pronounce in Starfield

In this guide, we will be listing all the names alphabetically that Vasco can pronounce in Starfield. Just like the previous entries, Bethesda has decided to keep some funny names in Starfield. Listening to these names ensues a hilarious situation. Like I seriously spit out my water after listening to Vasco call me captain Fuckface in the politest manner possible. 

This doesn’t end here as the game is way more lenient with F bombs and some hilarious names. Captain Fucker, Captain Titties, Captain Assface, Captain Cummings, Captain Dong, Captain Sexy, captain willy to name a few.

While these names are sure to bring laughter to the players, Starfield also pays homage to sci-fi names like Scully, Mulder, Xavier, Asimov, Clarke, Herbert, Han Solo, Luke and Leia to name a few. This is a very wholesome thing to do to pay homage to the icons of the genre.

List of all names Vasco can pronounce in Starfield

We have alphabetically arranged all the names in Starfield that can be pronounced by Vasco.


Names starting with A

Aaliya, Aaron, Abigail, Abram, Abrams, Adalyn, Adams, Addison, Adeline, Adrian, Ahn, Aideen, Aiden, Akira, Al, Alaina, Alan, Alana Aldrin, Alex, Alexander, Alexandra, Alexis, Alice, Alison, Allen, Allison, Altman, Alyssa, Amanda, Amelia, Ana, Andersen, Anderson, Andonov, Andrew, Andy, Angel, Angela, Anna, Annabelle, Anthony, Archer, Aria, Arianna, Armstrong, Ash, Asher, Ashford, Ashley, Asimov, Aspen, Assface, Atkins, Atkinson, Atom, Atomic, Atticus, Aubrey, Aubuchon, Audrey, Autumn, Ava, Avery.

Names starting with B that Vasco can pronounce in Starfield

Bacon, Badass, Bailey, Baker, Banner, Bannerman, Bannion, Barnes, Baron, Barron, Barry, Bash, Bastard, Battosai, Battuta, Batty, Baudoin, Becker, Bell, Bella, Ben, Benjamin, Bennell, Bennett, Bentley, Berry, Bert, Bery, Bill, Billie, Billy, Bilodeau, Black, Blaise, Blake, Blaze, Bo, Bob, Bobbi, Bobbie, Bobby, Bond, Boob, Boobies, Boom, Boston, Bouman, Bowman, Bradley, Brandon, Braun, Brayden, Brenna, Brian, Briana, Brick, Brigner, Brock, Brodie, Brody, Brooklyn, Brooks, Browder, Brown, Browne, Bruce, Bryan, Bryant, Bryn, Buffy, Bulger, Bull, Burcham, Burke, Burt Butch, Butler, Buzz.

Names starting with C

Caden, Cal, Caleb, Callaghan, Callie, Camden, Cameron, Camilla, Campbell, Capable, Captain, Cara, Carey, Carissa, Carnow, Carofano, Caroline, Carson, Carter, Carver, Casey, Casserly, Castle, Catherine, Cazz, Cerkez, Cha, Chapin, Chappy, Charles, Charley, Charlie, Charlotte, Chase, Cheng, Cherise, Cherry, Cherrybomb, Chloe, Chopper, Chris, Christian, Christiane, Christopher, Church, Claire, Clara, Clark, Clarke, Claw, Clemens, Clunk, Cobb, Cobra, Cock, Cockerham, Coffman, Cole, Colin, Collins, Colton, Combs, Conall, Connor, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Corey, Cormac, Corman, Cornelius, Cornett, Corri, Corrie, Corrine, Corvo, Corwin, Cory, Cosgrove, Courtenay, Cox, Coyle, Craig, Crash, Cruz, Cullen, Cummings, Curt, Cynthia.

Names starting with D

D.J., Dag, Damien, Dan, Dane, Danger, Daniel, Daniels, Danny, Darrel, Darren, Darryl, Daryl, Dave, David, Davis, Dawson, Deag, Death, Deb, Debb, Debbie, Deborah, Debra, Deckard, Declan, Deitrick, Deitsch, Dell, Denis, Dennis, Denton, Deschain, Desousa, Deth, Dexter, Diana, Diane, Diangelo, Dianne, Diaz, Dick, DiMaggio, Dinolt, DJ, Django, Dom, Domics, Dominguez, Dominic, Don, Donald, Dong, Dongjun, Donnie, Donny, Dorothy, Doug, Douglas, Dragon, Draper, Dulany, Dutch Duval, Duvall, Dylan.

Names starting with E that Vasco can pronounce in Starfield

Eagle, East, Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Edwards, Elaine, Elena, Eli, Eliana, Elias, Elijah, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Ella, Ellie, Elliot, Elliott, Emil, Emile, Emily, Emma, Erectus, Eric, Erik, Erikson, Erin, Ernest, Ernie, Eschenbacher, Estevanico, Ethan, Eugene, Evan, Evans, Eve, Evelyn, Everdeen, Everett.

Names starting with F

Fain, Felipe, Ferret, Fifi, Finn, Finster, Fiona, Fisher, Flag, Flagg, Flash, Flores, Flynn, Foster, Fox, Fragile, Francis, Franke, Frederic, Freeman, Fronteau, Frost, Fuck, Fucker, Fuckface, Furiosa, Fury.

Names starting with G

Gabriel, Gabriella, Gagarin, Garcia, Gardiner, Gary, Gavin, Gene, Genevieve, Geoffrey, George, Georgia, Germano, Gerry, Gianna, Gil, Glen, Gomez, Gonzalez, Goose, Gordon, Graber, Grace, Grant, Gravato, Gray, Grayson, Greco, Green, Greene, Grey, Griffin, Gryphon, Gutierrez, Guy.

Names starting with H that Vasco can pronounce in Starfield

Hackman, Hailey, Hall, Ham, Hamilton, Hamm, Hammer, Hammett, Hamrick, Han, Hannah, Hans, Harden, Hardi, Harold, Harper, Harris, Harry, Haschart, Hasenbuhler, Hastings, Hawk, Hawke, Hazel, He, Henning, Henry, Herbert, Hicks, Hill, Hines, Holly, Holmes, Hook, Hopgood, Houle, House, Howard, Howell, Hudson, Hughes, Humongous, Humungus, Hyun.

Names starting with I

Ian, Ibn, Ilya, Imperator, Indiana, Indy, Isaac, Isabella, Isabelle, Isaiah, Ist, Istvan.

Names starting with J

J.P., Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jag, Jake, James, Jangjoon, Jasmine, Jason, Jay, Jayce, Jayden Jeff, Jeffery, Jemison, Jen, Jenkins, Jennifer, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Jerry, Jerusalem, Jess, Jessica, Jessie, Jet, Jim, Jimmy, Joan, Joe, Joel, Joey, John, Johnson, Jon, Jonathan, Jones, Jonpaul, Jordan, Jordyn, Joseph, Josh, Joshua, Josiah, JP, Juan, Julia, Julian, Juliana, Justin.

Names starting with K that Vasco can pronounce in Starfield

Kaela, Kaelyn, Kaitlyn, Kal, Kal, Kalel, Kal-El, Kaneda, Karlie, Kate, Katharine, Katherine, Katie, Katniss, Kauffman, Kayla, Kaylee, Keira, Kelley, Kelly, Kelvin, Ken, Kennedy, Kenshin, Kevin, Kim, King, Kirk, Knight, Krietz, Kris, Kristine, Kuhlmann, Kurt, Kylie.

Names starting with L

Lafferty, Lamb, Lamprecht, Lance, Landon, Lane, Laura, Lauren, Layla, Lea, Leah, Lederer, Lee, Leia, Leif, Leo, Leon, Leslie, Levi, Lewis, Li, Liam, Lila, Liliana, Lillian, Lily, Lincoln, Linda, Lionheart, Lipari, Liz, Locke, Logan, London, Loner, Long, Lopez, Losi, Lucas, Luce, Lucy, Luke, Lundin, Lupe, Lynda.

Names starting with M

Ma’am, Mackay, MacKenzie, Macklin, Madeleine, Madelyn, Madison, Mae, Makayla, Mal, Malcolm, Mamba, Mandi, Mandy, Marc, Marco, Marcus, Margaret, Marge, Margie, Maria, Marie, Marji, Marjorie, Mark, Marko, Markus, Marlowe, Marsden, Martel, Martin, Martinez, Marty, Mary, Mason, Mat, Mateo, Matt, Matthew, Matty, Max, Maya, McCoy, McDyer, McFly, McKay, McPherson, Meagan, Means, Megan, Meister, Melody, Merriam, Mia, Micah, Michael, Michonne, Miguel, Mikami, Mike, Mila, Miles, Miller, Mitchell, Mohammed, Molly, Monster, Montana, Moore, Morales, Morgan, Morgue, Morpheus, Morris Much, Mudguts, Mueller, Muhammad, Mulder, Muldoon, Murphy, Myers.

Names starting with N that Vasco can pronounce in Starfield

Nadia, Nancy, Nanes, Nanni, Nardone, Nasty, Natalia, Natalie, Natasha, Nate, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nazarov, Neal, Neary, Nelson, Neo, Nesmith, Neville, Nguyen, Nicholas, Nico, Nipple, Noah, Nogueira, Nolan, Noonan, Noqueira, Nora, Norm, Norman, North, Northup, Nourmohammadi, Nuclear, Nuke, Nyhart.

Names starting with O

Olds, Oliver, Olivia, Ollie, Olsen, Olson, Optical, Orgasmo, Orin, Orion, Ortiz, Owen, Owens.

Names starting with P

Pagliarulo, Palmer, Paris, Parker, Parson, Pat, Patrick, Patty, Paul, Pely, Pendleton, Penelope, Perez, Perry, Pete, Peter, Peterson, Peyton, Phil, Philip, Phillips, Picard, Pickett, Pierce, Plissken, Powell, Preacher, Price, Priest, Prince, Princess, Psycho, Puma, Python.

Names starting with Q

Qin, Quartermain, Quatermass, Queen, Quinn

Names starting with R

Rabil, Raed, Raf, Rafael, Ramirez, Ramsey, Randal, RAndall, RAnkin, Rapp, Ray, Raymond, Reagan, Red, Reed, Reese, Reidicus, Reische, Rex, Reyes, Reynolds, Ric, Ricardo, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Rick, RIcky, Rictus, Riddick, Ride, Riley, Ripley, River, Rivera, Rob, Robb, Robert, Roberts, Robinson, Rock, Rockatansky, Rocky, Rodriguez, Rodiquez, Roger, Rogers, Roland, Roman, Romanov, Romanova, Romero, Ron, Ronald, Ronny, Rook, Rosa, Rose, Ross, Roy, Ruby, Russell, Ryan.

Names starting with S that Vasco can pronounce in Starfield

Sacagewea, Sadie, Sage, Sally, Salvatore, Sam, Samantha, Sammie, Sammy, Samuel, Sanchez, Sanders, Sandra, Sanjuro, Sra, Sarah, Sarse, Savannah, Sawyer, Scarlett, Schaefer, Scharf, Schreiber, Schroeder, Scott, Scully, Sears, Sebastian, Selena, Serena, Seth, Sex, Sexy, Shane, Shannon, Shanon, Shaun, Shawn, Shen, Shinji, Shrike, Sidney, Singer, Sire, Skyler, Slaughter, Slinger, Slit, Smirnova, Smith, Snake, Snow, Solo, Solomon, Sophia, Sophie, South, Southie, Spade, Speer, Spider, Spike, Splendid, Spring, Springsteen, Stark, Stef, Stella, Steph, Stephanie, Stephen, Sterling, Steve, Steven, Steward, Stewart, Stone, Stratton, Struthers, Stuart, Sullivan, Summer, Sunshine, Sweetpea, Sydney.

Names starting with T

Takahashi, Tallahassee, Tardif, Taylor, Teare, Ted, Teddy, Teitel, Tereshkova, Tesla, Tetsuo, Texas, Thom, Thomas, Thompson, Thorn, Thorne, Tiana, Tim, Timmy, Timothy, Tit, Tittie, Titties, Toadie, Toast, Todd, Toecutter, Tom, Tommy, Tonon, Tony, Torres, Tracey, Tracy, Treadway, Trinity, Tristan, Tuck, Turner, Tyler.

Names starting with U

Unbreakable, Utting.

Names starting with V

Valenti, Valentina, Valentine, Valkyrie, Vargas, Vash Vaughan, Vaughn, Venkman, Vic, Vicens, Victoria, Violet, Vivian.

Names starting with W

Wagner, Walker, Walton, Wanderer, Ward, Washington, Watson, WAtts, Wayne, Webb, Wells, Wes, West, Weyland, Wez, White, Whitey, Wikus, Will, Willem, William, Williams, Willy, Wilson, Winter, Wisnewski, Wood, Woodward, Wright, Wyatt.

Names starting with X that Vasco can pronounce in Starfield


Names starting with Y

Yan, Yeasting, Yojimbo, Yorick, Young, Yuri, Yutani

Names starting with Z

Zachary, Zdana, Zed, Zenith, Zetta, Zheng, Ziggy, Zip, Zoe.

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