Starfield Uranus Joke Strange Encounter Guide 

The planet Uranus has always been the subject of many jokes. In Starfield, there is a random encounter involving it.

Starfield is a game rife with mysteries and unique encounters, which not only add depth and personality to different areas. There is a strange encounter in the Sol system that can get a giggle out of you involving a somewhat unfortunately named planet. Everyone knows the Uranus Joke and in Starfield, there is a strange encounter involving this planet.

Once you get to the planet, and scan it, an encounter with a passing-by ship happens which may be humorous to you. In this guide, we will be going over how you can trigger the Uranus Joke in Starfield. We will also go over any rewards if there are any for getting this encounter.  

How to get Uranus Joke in Starfield?

To trigger the Uranus Joke in Starfield, you must be flying around the unfortunately named planet found in the Sol system. You can not land on it, but you scan it. Uranus has five moons: Titania, Umbriel, Ariel, Miranda, and Oberon.  

After you scan the planet, you will be approached by a random ship asking you whether you know the way to Uranus. You can answer either of these two options  

  • [Yeah, I do] 
  • [No, no idea] 

If you go with the first option the ship will reply with an affirming confirmation and then say “Of course you do, it’s right behind you” and then leave. If you go with the second option, they will just leave.

Starfield Uranus Joke Rewards  

This random encounter does not have any rewards and is more of a short and hilarious encounter rather than anything meaningful. Of course, it depends on the sense of humor you have. You may not find it hilarious at all or you could be rolling on the floor laughing. Either way, it is a nice random encounter to have while you are cruising through space.


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