How To Fix Starfield Unlock Command Not Working

Fixes for the Unlock Command not working issue.

One of the most common console commands is the Unlock command, which makes inaccessible doors accessible. However, some players have reported that the unlock command in Starfield is not working properly. If you are facing the same issue, don’t worry; I have the solutions to help you.

How to fix the Unlock Command not working issue in Starfield

You have a few options to fix the Unlock Command not working issue, including zooming in the door, checking for updates, and contacting support. Below, you will find complete details about these solutions so you can implement them easily.

1: Zoom to read item ID and unlock

To do this, follow the instructions listed below:

  • Open the Command Console. This is done by pressing the Grave (`) key or the Tilde (~) key.
  • Left Click on the door you want to unlock.
  • In most cases, it won’t be the right item ID. Therefore, scroll the mouse wheel until the selected item ID reads “Door.”
  • Now, type the ‘unlock’ command and press enter. The [Inaccessible] prompt will change immediately.

Follow these steps, and your Unlock command in Starfield should work without failing.

2: Check for updates

There may be cases where your game hasn’t been updated and still holds old files and bugs. Developers tend to resolve most of these issues via updates, so ensure your game is up to date.

  1. Log into Steam and go to Library > Download.
  2. If an update is available, it should show up there.
  3. If it isn’t, try launching the game, which may trigger an update.
  4. If all else fails, try relaunching Steam, then check the Downloads tab.

If none of the previous options work, you can post your problem on Starfield forums. The community tends to be helpful, so someone with the necessary expertise will appear.

Why does the Unlock Command not work sometimes?

The wonkiness of the Unlock command is rooted in a precision issue. When you try methods other than the one listed above, the command console chooses the wrong item due to inaccuracy. When a wrong item is selected, the unlock command will not work.

Players mostly face this issue when there are multiple items in close proximity, which makes it difficult to identify the door.

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