Starfield UC Defense Manual Locations Guide 

The UC Defense Manuals are skillbooks that can give you increased magazine capacity and more. You will be able to shoot up more enemies per magazine after getting these.

In Starfield, you will find skill books and magazines in various locations that can provide permanent buffs. These vary from increasing your carry capacity in Starfield, minimizing fall damage, or increasing your damage output. The UC Defense Manuals are an example of such skill books or magazines.

After having these magazines, you will notice a marginal increment in your magazine size. Your Allied Armament weapons will also have a higher chance of critical weapon bash.  

All of the UC Defense Manuals have similar effects that can stack. So it pays to find them all and enjoy the sweet benefits they give you.

How to find all UC Defense Manuals in Starfield 

Getting your hands on these skill books is quite a difficult task. Some UC Defense Manuals have a confirmed location, while others have a randomized spawn point in Starfield.

Getting such manuals can be tricky as you do not have an exact location to travel. To make it easier, we have listed all the UC Defense Manual locations and the most common planets in which they appear.  

Starfield UC Defense Manual 01 Location 

Fast travel to the Niira Planet in the Narion Star System and go to the 1-of-a-kind Salvage building. Travel to the upper floor of the building, and you will see two Turret MK1s standing beside the door.  

Enter through this door and turn around to find the UC Defense Manual 01. This will be on the middle bench beside the storage box.  

Starfield UC Defense Manual 02 Location

Jump to the Den space station in Starfield in Chthonia Planet in Wolf Star System. Dock your ship at this space station to board. Walk forward in the right hallway and turn right. Make a quick left turn and turn right near the dead end to enter the UC office.  

Move forward in the office and turn right to enter a room with a couple of bunker beds. Look at the second shelf from the bottom between the two beds to pick up the UC Defense Manual 02.  

Starfield UC Defense Manual 03 Location

To get your hands on the UC Defense Manual 03, travel to Cydonia in Starfield on Planet Mars, in the Sol Star System. Make your way to the Main Airlock of the Mining Colony of Cydonia.  

Move forward and turn near the dead end to enter Central Hub through the metal door.  

Walk forward and turn right to enter the residential area of Cydonia at the end of the downslope. Keep moving forward and descend the stairs. Turn left and enter through a door beside a counter. Walk straight and make a right turn to enter UC Marine Barracks.  

Turn left, and you will find the UC Defense Manual 03 in Starfield on the white table at the center of the room.  

Starfield UC Defense Manual 04 Location

UC Defense Manual 04 is on an abandoned weapon station, which is random, meaning it can appear on any planet. The most common location of this abandoned weapon station is in Dalvik, the moon of Planet Deepala in the Narion Star System.  

However, you cannot land your ship at this station; the closest landmark is the Civilian Outpost. After landing at the Civilian Outpost, reach the weapon station. Go to the top floor of this abandoned facility to find a massive metal double door.  

This door is mostly locked, so you must either find a key or lock this door. Either way, enter the control room through this door; you will see the UC Defense Manual 04 on the table on your right.  

Starfield UC Defense Manual 05 Location

UC Defense Manual 05 is another item in an Abandoned Facility. This can randomly spawn on any planet, so keep your eyes open for them. After entering this abandoned science facility, go to the control room. Look around; you will find UC Defense Manual 05 on a separate table beside a storage box. 

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