Starfield Trader Wagon Train Strange Encounter Guide 

The Trader Wagon Train is a randomly encountered merchant ship in need of repairs in Starfield. You can help them or be evil and take the ship yourself.

In Startfield, there are a lot of random and strange encounters that are hidden in the deep space. Some will be funny, while others will leave you scratching your head. The Trader Wagon Train is one such encounter in Starfield where you can help a spacefarer.

This wagon is a mobile shop in space that requires some repairs and has gotten stuck in space. So, as the great and heroic spaceman you are, you can give them the spare parts and help them out. You can take the evil path, kill the entire crew, and steal the ship for yourself.

How to get Trader Wagon Train in Starfield?

starfield tau ceti 3 planet

To get this stranger encounter in Starfield, you must first head directly to the Tau Ceti star system. From there, go to the planet Tau Ceti III and scan it. After scanning, head back to the galaxy view, and you will notice a small ship icon near Tau Ceti III. 

That ship will be the Trader Wagon Train in Starfield. The ship will be broadcasting a distress signal, urging anyone to help them. They will need some parts for repairs. Since they do not have any spare parts, they will be requesting others for them. You can help them if you have the parts or kill the crew and take their ship. 

Starfield Trader Wagon Train Rewards 

You can fail this encounter If you do not have any spare parts. So if you are interested in helping them out, go out and get some spare parts. Then go and do the encounter. You will only get a few credits from them as a reward. It is mostly about being a helpful adventurer who helps others in need.

Alternatively, you can board the ship and kill everyone on board. After that, you can steal the ship. The ship is a large one with lots of cargo capacity. So, it can be useful if you want to be a hauler.


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