How To Farm Titanium In Starfield

Titanium in Starfield allows you to craft and upgrade a lot of weapons and armor mods but finding it is not that easy.

Starfield offers dozens of different resource items that you will need throughout your journey in crafting or upgrading your weapons or gears. Among all of the available resources, Titanium in Starfield is the one that is widely used. But its availability is very scarce, making it a rare item. That means it has high demand and low supply.

You will need a lot of Titanium to ease your intergalactic adventures and upgrade your items and gears. Every time you need Titanium for craft, you must struggle to get a handful. To help the Starfield players, I’m putting some solution in this guide that is a one-time struggle, and you will get enough of this resource for the rest of the game.

Starfield All ways to farm Titanium

You can get Titanium from drops, loots, or in storage crates. But the chance is very low, and you can’t rely on this method to get Titanium. You should use the following two ways to get this resource in Starfield:

Buying it from vendors/merchants

We have put the easy solution first, considering if you are a beginner player and are in a hurry to get Titanium. This is, in fact, an excellent solution for getting this resource early in Starfield. You can get Titanium from some of the shops available on different planets.

You can visit them whenever you are exploring and pick some for Credits. One Titanium costs 12 Credits and is often limited in vendor stock. Here are some of the vendors that will sell you this in Starfield:

CydoniaPlanet Mars, Sol System
UC ExchangePlanet Mars, Sol System
Trade AuthorityNew Atlantis, Jemison
Trade AuthorityAkila City, Akila

If you visit one of these shops and find out it is out of stock; you can return to the shop after 24 in-game hours.


Farming Titanium Rich Planets

The professional way to get Titanium is to farm it on the available planets. However, in such a big Starfield intergalactic map, there are only a few planets with Titanium.

To know which planets contain Titanium, scan the planet in Planet Map Mode, and if you see a Ti on the resource list, it means it has some. Following are some planets you can first visit to get Titanium:

Planet/Moon nameSystem
Titan MoonPlanet Saturn, Sol System
Planet PlutoSol System
Planet Procyon-IIProcyon-A System
Eridani-VII-C MoonEridani-VII Planet, Eridani System
Vega-II-B MoonVega II Planet, Vega System
Heilo moonMontara Planet, Cheyenne System

There are more planets where you can get Titanium, but you need to search for it a lot, and it will not be worth the time.

Extracting Titanium

Once you find a planet with Titanium, you can mine it by extracting It from the surface of that planet. For this process, you must build a Starfield outpost on the surface. The outpost will contain an extractor to extract the Titanium from the surface.

The extractor requires power, so you must place renewable energy sources like Wind Turbine, Solar Arrays, or a fuel generator. You will also need to link storage with the extractor because it will stop its operation when it gets full.

Building an extractor also requires you to unlock your Planetary Habitation skill because most planets containing Titanium have severe weather. Now, to know where you should build an outpost for Titanium extraction, scan the surface of the planet you are on, and if it shows Titanium in the survey result, that is the spot.

This is a one-time investment of your effort and resources. You will have an active stream of Titanium stock, which you can collect by visiting the extractor when needed.

Best planet to mine Titanium in Starfield

When choosing the best planet for mining Titanium, it comes to many factors. Such as resource amount, accessibility, and weather. Another thing we can add is to look for a planet that also contains Helium-3 because that is where the abundance of Titanium will be.

Considering the above factors, I choose Eridani VII-C, the Eridani VII planet’s moon in the Eridani System. Although this planet has severe cold weather, you can survive, assuming you have unlocked the Planetary Habitation Skill.

This planet will be worth the time and effort you put in to fill your Titanium storage. As we mentioned before, looking for a spot containing Helium-3 and Titanium is the ideal location for building an outpost for extraction in Starfield.

However, you might not be able to find such a spot on planet Eridani VII-C. What you can do instead is to build two separate outposts—one for extracting Helium-3 and one for Titanium.

You will send the Helium-3 extracted from the Outpost to the Outpost extracting Titanium. This will make the process faster.

How to automate the Starfield Titanium mining process

After you have chosen your spots for the outpost, it’s time to set up the outpost itself. But that is an extensive process as we will not be building an ordinary outpost but a fully automated Titanium Mining System that will send Titanium anywhere.

To build an outpost, you should first look into acquiring these items to place it on an outpost:

2x standard Cargo Links

Making the Cargo Links in Starfield requires 4x Beryllium, 40x Iron, 4x Zero Wires, and 24 Aluminum.

1x Cargo Link – Inter-System

To do this, you must first complete your research on Manufacturing one on a Research Station. After that, you should have 20x Iron, 3x Reactive Gauge, 1x Comm Relay, and 12x Aluminum to build it.

1x Helium Extractor

Building a Helium Extractor requires 4x Nickel, 3x Copper, and  5x Aluminium.

4x Wind Turbines:

You will need 4 Wind Turbines to power the extractor in Starfield. Two for each outpost. You will need 12x Nickel, 8x Cobalt, and 20x Aluminum to make these turbines.

1x Titanium Extractor

Building a Helium Extractor requires 4x Aluminium, 5x Iron, and  4x Aluminium.

Other than these, you will need the following:

  • 4x Zero Wire: You will need 4x Silver and 4x Copper to build this.
  • 3x Reactive Gauges: You will need 3x Copper and 6x Aluminum to build this.
  • 1x Comm Relay: To build a Comm Relay, you will need 1x Tau Grade Rhetostat and 1x Isocentered Magnet. You will need to build these too.

After estimating the overall sum of all the resources mentioned above and items, this is how much of the total resources you will need to build 2 outposts on a planet in Starfield:

  • 71x Aluminum
  • 65x Iron
  • 17x Nickel
  • 11x Copper
  • 9x Cobalt
  • 5x Beryllium
  • 4x Silver
  • 2x Tungsten

Now, it is time for real work and know how to place each item in the right spot.

How to set up the Outposts

First, you will place the Helium-3 outpost. Find a Helium-3 resource spot and ensure there is a Helium-3 vein on that spot. Place the Helium-3 Extractor, 2x Wind Turbines, and 1x Cargo Link on the spot.

Afterward, you must place an Output Link to link the Extractor and Cargo Link in Starfield.

Now, you have to build a Titanium Outpost. Search for a spot with Titanium. After you have selected your location, place a Titanium Extractor, 2x Wind Turbines, 1x Cargo Link, and 1x Cargo Link – Inter-System there.

After that, you have to perform the most critical process. You will link the extractor with Cargo but with one more addition. First, you will link the Titanium Extractor with the Cargo Link Inter System. After that, link the regular Cargo link with the Inter System Cargo Link.

You must have considered why we are installing the Helium-3 Outpost for the Titanium Extractor. The Helium-3 extracted from the first outpost will be sent to the Cargo link in the Titanium Outpost. This Helium-3 will be used to fuel the Cargo Link Inter System in Starfield.

Whenever any Titanium is produced, it will go straight into the Cargo Link Inter System and be sent to your desired storage anywhere in the Universe. This will prevent you from visiting the planet whenever you need to collect the Titanium.

How to select storage for Titanium

To select the storage you want the Cargo Link Inter System to send Titanium on, perform these steps:

  • Link the Helium 3 Cargo Link with the Titanium Outpost Cargo Link.
  • On your Cargo Link Inter System console, link it to your storage where your Titanium stock will arrive.

This is an exciting system that automates the whole process, and it will save a lot of your time in Starfield. However, it would be best to visit the Titanium extractor in Starfield occasionally to repair it. Now you can craft endless upgrades and weapon mods in Starfield.

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