Starfield The Key Shipyard Location Guide

The Key is an important Space Station in Starfield where you can find a Shipyard that offers repair, upgrade, and selling of ships in Starfield

You must complete certain prerequisites if you want access to the Key Shipyard in Starfield. First and foremost, that area is only accessible to those who are a part of the Crimson Fleet, so you must join this specific faction. If you try to force your way into their Headquarters, the Crimson Fleet pirates will kill you.

Your only choice here will be to become a part of it by joining the faction. This way, you will have to go through the Crimson Fleet questline. One of these missions will be to reach the Key in Starfield. Once you do that, you will explore the Shops in The Key, including the Starfield Shipyard.

Remember that you will require a top-notch spaceship if you plan to grow stronger. You can buy one by visiting The Key Shipyard location.

The Key Shipyard location in Starfield

The only ship vendor that you will discover at the Crimson Fleet Base will be at The Key. This is a decommissioned space station that you can find orbiting Suvorov planet.

Once you reach this place, you can make your way directly toward the Reckoner’s Core sign. You can turn left to find an NPC ship vendor strolling from there. She is Jasmine Durand, and she works as a ship services technician for the Crimson Fleet in Starfield.

As usual, you can pay her 1000 credits to repair or fix your ship in Starfield. Moreover, you can also click the third option to check what ships are available for purchase at The Key Shipyard in the Crimson Fleet area in Starfield.


All Ships you can buy from the Key Shipyard

If you want to check out what ships Jasmine has for sale at the Key, you can go with the third option. This way, you can see what ships she has listed for sale at this Shipyard in Starfield.

These will include three options, which are all “A Class” spaceships that are deployed by the Crimson Fleet themselves and are priced as follows:

  • Crimson Fleet Ghost – 37000 Credits
  • Crimson Fleet Ghost – 65,144 Credits
  • Crimson Fleet Phantom – 63,201 Credits

With the right amount of Credits, you can buy a nice Spaceship from this Shipyard in Starfield.

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