Starfield Taiyo Astroneering Shipyard Location Guide 

Taiyo Astroneering has one of the many shipyards in Starfield where you can a host of different items for your ship.

Starfield is all about space exploration, which is impossible without using spaceships. As you progress further in the game, you will need to upgrade your spaceship, repair, or even purchase a new one. This can be done by heading to the ship repairing showrooms situated on different planets. One of these showrooms is the Taiyo Astroneering Shipyard of Ryujin Industries in Starfield.

The Taiyo Astroneering Shipyard is one of the many shipyards in the game. As with all shipyards, you will find items related to only to the manufacturer. This will allow you to get exclusive items, parts, and ships that would be unavailable otherwise.

How to find Taiyo Astroneering Shipyard in Starfield? 

The Taiyo Astroneering Shipyard is situated in the legendary city of Neon in Starfield. This city happens to be on the Volii Alpha planet, in the Volii star system of the Settled Systems.  

Having reached the Neon Core District, make your way to the Ryujin Tower, the pivotal point of some of Starfield’s major questlines. You can access this tower by walking straight on the street before you and then taking the elevator behind some guards. Select Taiyo Astroneering from the options to let the elevator take you to the Taiyo Shipyard Showroom.  

What does Taiyo Astroneering Shipyard Offer? 

At the Taiyo Showroom, you will meet Veronica at the reception. She will offer you several ship-related services, including the following: 

  • Buy and sell ships, such as Falcon II and Orca. 
  • Purchase different ship modules to add them to an existing spaceship. 

How to dock at Taiyo Astroneering Shipyard in Starfield? 

To reach a star station or another ship, you must dock first. You can follow the steps below to do so: 

  • Press LB to open your scanner while close to the Taiyo Shipyard.  
  • When you are within the 500m range of the destination, press LB again to close the scanner.  
  • Press the A button to target Taiyo Shipyard (E key on PC).  
  • You will get the option to Hail your target by holding the A button before docking. Although it’s an entirely optional thing to do, doing it will show your courteous behavior. 
  • Finally, press the X button to dock at Taiyo Shipyard in Starfield (R key on PC). 

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