How To Fix “Suit Protection Depleted” In Starfield

If you are worried about how to fix the Suit Protection Depleted debuff in Starfield, worry no more.

While traveling in the gigantic Cosmos of Starfield, you will sometimes see a notification saying Suit Protection Depleted. The planet’s environment varies on a large scale. You will find yourself subjected to Status effects and afflictions in Starfield.

It would be best to try avoiding afflictions as they can have lingering effects. The Wall between you and the afflictions is your equipped Starfield Spacesuit. As you traverse the vast planets, you will encounter hostile environments that will try their best to penetrate your Spacesuit.

Your Spacesuit will shield and cater to you from all sorts of dangerous weather ranging from significant heat signatures to deadly radioactive areas. It further extends to safeguarding you from combat situations.

Worry not; I will go over how to fix “Suit Protection Depleted” in Starfield and tell you about Starfield Suit Protection stats.

Starfield Suit Protection Depleted solution

As your Spacesuit protection gets Depleted, it will wear you down and offer you less protection, and you will discover that you will be taking more damage than before. If you do not find ways to get rid of the Suit Protection Depleted, things can further escalate to you taking the Relvant afflictions.

Those afflictions will prove costly as they require either medicated items, food, or a visit to the Doctor. The constraint “Suit Protection Depleted” has an easy solution as well.


It only requires you to rest in a nearby Shelter. You can also make your way back to the ship. Either of these methods will rid you of the prompt, acting as a great solutions. Soon, you will find your Spacesuit regenerating itself to its maximum potential. Getting to the settlement or area with excellent oxygen levels would be best for the best results.

Suit Protection stats

Starfield Suit Protection Stats are categorized into seven factors. We will go through each one by one. The following classified Factors are non-environmental and include factors caused by Weapons, etc.

  • PHYS: Stands for Physical, and it spans melee and ballistic attacks.
  • ENG: Energy weapon damage.
  • EM: Electromagnetic weapons like Novablast Disruptor.

The following classified Factors are environmental derivatives that cause damage. They are also displayed in inventory when you try to see your Starfield spacesuit and its attributes.

  • Airborne: These can range from fumes or gases erupting or diffusing over an area considered toxic.
  • Corrosive: Natural barriers presented in the land that can impede your suit.
  • Radiation: Highly radioactive environments that penetrate your spacesuit easily and affect you.
  • Thermal: Areas with massive heat signatures could conclusively incinerate your spacesuit.

These are all the Starfield Suit Protection Stats.

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