Starfield Special Sauce Walkthrough

Help Luthor from Chunks Restaurant to get a bottle of his Special Space from the other Chunks branches in Starfield.

Special Sauce is one of the easiest among all the side missions in Starfield. One of the branches of Chunks which is located in New Homestead is looking for special sauce that will help them to grow their business of this branch specifically as it will attract more buyers.

Once you are able to acquire the special sauce, you need to make your way back to Luthar to provide him with the collect special sauce.

How to unlock the Special Sauce mission

You need to speak with Luthor Atlanta to unlock and start Special Sauce in Starfield. He can be found at Chunks, a restaurant located in the northwestern corner of New Homestead on the Titan planet in the Sol System.

After reaching New Homestead, head on inside and keep going straight. Take the stairs below and enter the door. the Chunks restaurant will be on your right. Go in and speak with Luthor behind the counter.

How to complete Special Sauce in Starfield

Luthor will ask you to help him get some Special Sauce that is only available in the other branches of Chunks.

You can get the Special Sauce from any branch in Starfield. When you reach a branch, tell the Chunks employee that Luthor sent you. They will hand over the Special Sauce without any issues.


Get the Special Sauce from Paradiso

You can find the location of Paradiso on Porrima II planet in the Porrima System. Once you reach there, you need to make your way to Chunks by following the blue marker if you have marked the mission from the menu.

Once you see the Chunks written on top of the store, go inside and behind the counter, you will find Clara Lyon, the employee of Chunks.

You need to tell Clara that you are looking for some special sauce for the Chunks which is located in New Homestead. She will easily give it to you.

Get the Special Sauce from Akila City

The second way to acquire a Special Sauce is from Akila City which is located in the Cheyenne system on the Akila planet.

Once you get there, you will see an employee of chunks behind the counter. Tell him that you are sent by Luthor and he wants to have the Special Sauce.

Get the Special Sauce from Neon City

You can also find the last branch of Chunks in the Neon City which can be found on the plate of Volli Alpha in the Volii system.

When you get there, follow the blue marker and reach to Chunks Shop branch. At this branch, you will find another employee behind the counter whom you need to ask to give you the special sauce for New Homestead.

Return to New Homestead

Once you have successfully acquired one of the special sauces from any of the above locations, you can make your way back to New Homestead to meet Luthor.

Once you are there, you need to tell him that you have brought the special sauce for him. He will say thanks to you as it will help this branch of chunks to grow exponentially and the side mission of Special Sauce comes to an end.

Starfield – Special Sauce mission rewards

Once you have successfully completed the side mission of Special Sauce in Starfield, you can get the reward of 3300 Credits and 75 EXP.

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