Starfield Might Feature Spaceship Customizations After all

The highly elusive Starfield was always assumed to allow players to customize (and pilot) spaceships in some capacity. It should hence please fans that developer Bethesda Softworks has been considering the same idea.

According to a new survey from Reddit earlier today, Bethesda Softworks has been asking players whether or not they love to “spend a lot of time” creating their characters, homes, or spaceships.

The bit about spaceships holds significance because the survey does not mention Starfield by name. It however is pretty clear which direction the developer wants to take for its new science-fiction role-playing game.

The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises are renowned for featuring the said customization options. Both franchises allow players to not only deeply customize their characters but also their homes or camps, and then upgrade or manage their base of operations while progressing. Those are highly yearned-for features in any role-playing game. It would hence be surprising if Starfield went the opposite way and not give players the same customizations.

Starfield will reportedly have spaceships serve as mobile homes. The newly discovered survey further ascertains that players will be able to customize their vessels in more ways than one. There might even be options to upgrade the combat and flight capabilities.

Everything though remains to be officially confirmed. Starfield remains without a release window and reveal for the time being. There however have been several claims made by insiders that Microsoft has been gunning for a release during the upcoming 2021 holiday season.

Most recently, more sources have come forward to point out that Starfield was an Xbox exclusive at one point. Whether that still remains the case or not is yet to be confirmed. In addition, the game is said to be nearly complete and that Bethesda Softworks might possibly be making a reveal in the coming months. That should perhaps give players a release window.

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