How To Skip Cutscenes And Dialogues In Starfield

Sometimes while playing Starfield, you'll feel like not sitting through hours of dialogues and cutscenes. You will find yourself wanting to skip them and be on your way. Fortunately, the game allows you to do just that.

While playing Starfield, you will experience many Dialogues and Cutscenes as you interact with NPCs and the world. Many players find dialogues and cutscenes interesting as they give you background of the mission and stories. But a lot of times, it can get tiresome, and the game drags on and you may want to skip these cutscenes and dialogues in Starfield.

Fortunately, the game has some options to skip them and speed up the gameplay. Regardless of the system you are playing on, you can easily skip these dialogues and go on your way.

How to skip cutscenes in Starfield 

Unfortunately, you cannot skip cutscenes in Starfield. It means you have to sit back and watch the whole thing. Starfield has two types of cutscenes: one in which they tell you about the background. The second one is a short cutscene for a replacement of loading.

Unlike most other games, Starfield does not waste time looking at a load screen; instead, they play a short cutscene. Regardless of whichever cutscene appears before you, sit back and enjoy it.  

How to skip dialogues in Starfield 

Unlike cutscenes, you can skip Dialogues. Whenever you are having a conversation with an NPC, you are allowed to skip it. For PC users, press Escape or left-click on the mouse. Xbox users can press the A button instead. However, this can only happen if you are talking with someone. If two other NPC are talking to each other, you cannot skip it.  

It is advised not to skip dialogues as they give you background and an overview of the mission. You may unknowingly skip something that was vital to the story or mission and then have no clue what to do next.


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