Where To Find Silent Runner Ship In Starfield

Silent Runner in Starfield is an all-rounder ship that will help you out in many situations including combat and cargo delivery.

The Silent Runner Ship in Starfield stands out prominently as it gets you more for the credits you invest in buying this ship. It will help you earn extra credits by combating other ships while traversing planets.

To amplify your Combat situations, you can use the Wanted Trait. I will guide you through the process of Buying the Silent Runner. I will also offer you a look over some alternatives that you can prefer over this ship from the location you are buying it at.

How to buy Silent Runner Ship in Starfield

To buy Silent Runner Ship, navigate to the Valo system and then travel to Polvo. Visit Hopetown and proceed inside Hopetech, also called Hopetown Astroneering Showroom. There, you will find Inaya Rehman. Choose the dialogue that tells her to let you see the ships Hopetech is selling.

After that, browse the array of ships that Hopetech offers, and you will find the elegant Silent Runner ship. The ship is available for 324972 credits. Proceed to buy it, and then you will spawn inside the Starfield ship to explore it.

Silent Runner Ship Stats

The Silent Runner ship follows similar stats like Space Semi but is being modified much as you see the buffed stats. It has a fuel of 300 and a Hull of 1164. It also offers a staggering Capacity of cargo with 6060 units. Silent Runner is a C cruise ship category with a 34 REACTOR power.

Silent Runner also has a massive shield strength of 975. This ship has a particle canon of 38 strength in Starfield. Additionally, the ship offers a 29 LY in Jump.


The ship has a crew housing capacity of 5. Silent Runner stands out to be a powerhouse, and due to its cargo capacity, it can be used as one place for all. It can be used for transporting vast quantities of goods due to this ability.

Should you buy Silent Runner Ship in Starfield?

Being a C-category ship, it specializes in specific tasks ranging from transport mining to research. It lacks advanced weaponry and shields compared to other ships but stands out in terms of Storage capacity as it is a single solution for all storage problems.

You can stack up many items inside the ship, which will never leave you high and dry in terms of its Capacity in Starfield. If you travel a lot from one planet to another and have to harvest, mine, Hoard stuff from quests, or need a lot of space to dump your things in, Silent Runner Ship is the one for you.

Other Ships you can buy from Hopetown Astroneering Showroom

If you feel compelled to look alternatives over the Silent Runner in Starfield, I’ve got you covered as these are the other ships you can buy from Hopetown Astroneering Showroom:

  • Star Semi costs 265,135 Credits
  • Lil Muv II costs 136,530 Credits
  • Spacetruk costs 220,739 Credits
  • Pik Up II costs 161,276 Credits
  • Watchdog III  costs160,405 Credits
  • PCH: 273,416  costs Credits
  • Silent Runner costs 370,633 Credits

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