Starfield A Shipment For Salinas Walkthrough

Recovering a Shipment for Vincente Salinas will give you access to his ammunitions' shop in Starfield. He has a lot of weapons to sell.

A Shipment for Salinas is a side mission that requires you to retrieve and deliver a package to Vincente Salinas in Starfield.

You’ll pick up this mission as you explore the rundown slums of The Well in New Atlantis. This mission is quite simple and concise and is a great way to get your hands on some pleasing rewards.

We have compiled this walkthrough to provide a comprehensive overview of all the steps you must follow in this mission. So, let’s get started.

How to unlock the Shipment for Salinas mission

You need to speak with Vincente Salinas to unlock and start the “Shipment for Salinas” mission in Starfield. You might remember him from the Primary Sources mission. If not, here is how you can find him.

Head over to New Atlantis and make your way into The Well. Then get to the Apex Electronics shop where you can ask Vincente if he has any job to offer.

How to complete A Shipment for Salinas in Starfield

To complete A Shipment for Salinas in Starfield, you’ll have to travel all the way to another planet, pick up Salinas Package, and deliver it back to him.


Recover the package from Red Mile

Red Mile is a location on planet Porrima III, which is located in the Porrima System. This is three jumps away from New Atlantis, and you’ll have to jump across both Olympus and VOL II.

When you reach Red Mile, you must follow the blue objective marker to get to Salinas’ Package.

Head to the left side of Red Mile, where you’ll find a box lying there in the cold snow in a corner as shown in the image below. This is Salinas’s Package, and you must equip it to deliver it back to Salinas.

Now that you have picked up the package, it’s time you head back to New Atlantis to deliver it.

Explore the Red Mile building (optional)

Since there’s nothing much to do in this side quest, you can take some extra time out to explore the Red Mile building from the inside.

Unlock the two doors and head inside, where you’ll see a Security Guard holding a character at gunpoint. Head forward and enjoy the aesthetics of the Red Mile.

Once you’re bored of it, you can continue the rest of the mission and deliver the package.

Deliver Salinas’ package

Now that you have the Salinas Package, board your ship, head back to New Atlantis and find your way to the Well.

Locate Salinas and give him the package. This will allow you to gain his trust, and he’ll finally open up his shop to you.

Salina runs an Ammunition shop, and you’ll be thrilled to see the collection of weaponry he has stored inside. From guns to ammo to throwables, all of his items are unique and can prove beneficial for you. With this, your ‘A Shipment for Salinas’ side mission will come to an end.

Starfield – A Shipment for Salinas mission rewards

After completing the A Shipment for Salinas mission in Starfield, you’ll unlock and receive the following rewards:

  • Credits: 1300
  • XP: 100
  • You’ll gain access to Salinas Shop

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