Starfield: How To Fix “Ship Has Unattached Modules”

When building your ship in Starfield, you can unknowingly leave a few parts unattached to the vessel. This can create problems for you in the game leaving your ship unusable.

You can change out and customize over 15 different facets of your Starships including but not limited to shields, cockpits, weapons, fuel tanks, and Bays. Given the complexity of the customization system, errors are bound to arise. The most common one is “Ship has unattached modules” in Starfield.

You will face this problem when you perform a flight test for your ship, mostly after you are done customizing it. If there is a ship part present that has not been attached to the ship this error will pop up.

Finding the exact part that has not been connected to the ship can be extremely difficult. Especially given the sheer amount of parts that are present at any given moment. This ends up throwing you for a loop.

Fixing the Ship Has Unattached Modules Bug in Starfield

To fix the “Ship has unattached modules” problem in Starfield, you can follow a few easy steps. The process is straightforward and requires a little more than knowing how certain game systems work.

Firstly, select your entire ship by double-clicking on it. You can achieve this on Xbox by pressing the right analog stick. Once you select it, the ship will turn red. The red parts indicate each and every module that has been attached to the ship. The ones that are not attached are not red in color.

Locate the unattached ship modules and connect them to your ship. There may be one or several.
Perform the flight check once again and you should be good to go. In the event that the error pops up again, repeat the above steps until you are certain that you have attached all available modules to your ship.


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