Best Ship Build For Storage In Starfield

Knowing the best Ship build for storage in Starfield is essential for increasing your Ship storage capacity, which will significantly help you in your Starfield Journey.

Storage is quite an essential factor when it comes to Starfield, and it depends on what Ship build you are using, as they have their respective capacities. To make the best of this situation, you can create your best ship design to increase your storage options.

This part is tricky because it first involves dismantling a ship’s pieces. Then, you must assemble the essential Ship parts, such as a cargo hold and a powerful engine, to create a large ship build for storage. However, it will cost you a lot of credit if you want to create a ship with a large storage capacity, so make sure you are not short on those.

If you are facing any trouble while creating such a ship, then worry not, as I have covered all the details on assembling the best ship to increase your Storage size in Starfield.

Which Ship to Pick for storage in Starfield

In terms of ships, you will have a lot of options, but you will have to modify them with cargo containers to create the best ship build for storage in Starfield. You can choose Starhawk, as this ship was initially designed for carrying heavy cargo.

If you want to purchase this particular ship, you can venture to the Porrima System. Then you can go to the planet Porrima II and directly to the spaceport. Meet with the vendor and scroll through his ship inventory to find this specific ship at a cost of (198814 Credits) in Starfield.

Since this was originally a cargo ship with over (3000 Mass available), this would mean that you wouldn’t have to strip most of the ship parts. Instead, you will only need to spend your credits on purchasing some specific parts in Starfield.


Starfield Best Ship build for Storage

To create the best ship build for storage, you need to focus on two essential ship parts:

  • Cargo Holder
  • Engine

Remember that these parts will complete the ship, so you must invest your credits to get the best options. Moreover, you can purchase these parts easily from any Starfield spaceport.

Cargo Hold

Starting with the Cargo Holder, you will have the following options to choose from:

10T Hauler Cargo Hold3249
20T Hauler Cargo Hold4446
30T Hauler Cargo Hold6113
40T Hauler Cargo Hold7951

These Cargo Holds are considered the best, and if you have the required amount of credits, we advise you to choose the 40T Hauler Cargo Hold in Starfield. You can purchase six and adjust three on each side of your Starhawk Ship in Starfield. Once you have done that, you will complete 70 percent of your best ship build for storage in Starfield.


Moving onto the heart of your ship, you will need a powerful engine to power your ship and ensure you are up and running in Starfield. You can find these parts at any spaceport that you come across. For that, you will have the following options in Starfield:

Engine partPrice
SAE-5110 Engine9500
SAE-5220 Engine10735
SAE-5330 Engine13680
SAE-5440 Engine66500

Depending on your choice with the Cargo Part, you should pair it with an equally powerful engine. Here, I will be going with the best engine, which happens to be the SAE-5440 Engine in Starfield.

You must buy six of these similar to the number you chose for the 10T Hauler Cargo Holder parts in Starfield. It will cost you a lot, but if you aim for the best ship build for storage, you must spend to get the best part.

Combine this powerful engine with your heavy cargo loads, and you can transport those loads of goods with relative ease in no time.

Ultimately, it is up to you how you wish to design the best Ship build for storage. If you follow the route mentioned above, you can create the best ship with a huge Starfield capacity.

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